Elkin NC, is an incredible place to live, work, and raise a family. Few rural communities can boast the food, art, and culture scene, let alone in northwestern North Carolina. Elkin being within a 30-minute drive to Winston-Salem, Mount Airy, and Statesville, there is no reason businesses are thriving and growing in the area. 

Your Elkin NC small business is local, and you need to attract people within our area.

The best way to do that is by leveraging the power of your website. At Cube Creative, we help small businesses Attract, Engage, and Delight their clients online. This brings in more qualified leads to help you create clients for life.

Flywheel Attract


You may or may not realize it, but times have changed - especially when it comes to consumer buying patterns. Today most consumers looking for products or services are 3/4 of the way through the buying journey before they reach out to talk to an actual person.

If we have a question, we go to the internet to the great curiosity engine AKA Google and then we “Google It.” Chances are you came to this page through a Google search or at least via a search engine.

The key to attracting more visitors and getting higher quality leads is to provide answers to peoples questions before they ask them. Utilize your website to discuss potential costs or compare products. 

Having relevant and related content about your goods and services helps attract visitors to your site from the search engines. Once there, we help engage prospects.


Flywheel Engage

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and talk about what you don’t do to engage your potential clients. Nothing is worse for a prospect than realizing in the final hour that the person they hired or want to hire can’t do it all, or the business doesn’t offer what they are looking for and never did. Listing what you offer and what someone can expect when contacting you will help to build trust.

Engaging also uses social proof via testimonials and reviews. Why? Take a look at these statistics: 

  • The average consumer reads ten online reviews before making a purchase decision.
  • 57% of consumers will only buy or use a business service if it has at least a 4-star rating.
  • Purchase likelihood peaks when the average star rating of a product is between 4.2 and 4.5 stars on a five-star scale. —Power Reviews 2014: The Proven Power of Reviews From Reviews to Revenue
  • 88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations.


Flywheel Engage

Long gone are the days where clients would stay loyal to a business just for loyalty’s sake or where you could rely solely on word of mouth and referrals.

Today’s prospects are used to immediate gratification. The Internet has put people in the driver’s seat and sparked an “I want it now” economy. They expect a quick response to requests and phone messages, a frictionless customer experience, and top-notch next-day service.

By providing a great experience from the start, you create a client for life, someone who will share their experience with others online and in person. Later you can use their information to market to them again to keep you on their mind if they have a future need.

Is your website bringing new clients in or pushing business away?

Every small business needs a high-quality website to compete in the digital age. However, you would be surprised by how many companies struggle with this.

It's not enough to have a Square Space, Wix, or DIY-built website if you want it to be effective for you. If you're trying to generate business, you must have a website that attracts search engine traffic and engages with visitors, and delights them with the answers they were looking for!

With a properly built website that is designed to be mobile-first, search engine optimized, and ready for a steady stream of content, you'll be able to generate consistent traffic from potential clients. The goal is to generate more leads online from people without taking any extra time away from your core business.

A good business website should be like a good salesperson; it should introduce your business to new potential clients and motivate them to contact you for more information about your services and products.

Typical website problems that can cost small business owners

While most of us love a good DIY project since there is nothing better than saying I did that. Unfortunately, many small businesses find that creating a quality website is sometimes easier said than done.

Typical website issues that can hurt businesses include:

  • Technical problems
  • Poorly structured content
  • Incorrect use of heading tags
  • Disregard or lack of understanding of your target audience

Now there are also other technical issues that the average business owner may not know to look for. While not every DIY website has this problem, they do tend to crop up from time to time.  

Three of the most significant issues small businesses face are:

  • Limited website traffic
  • Poor user experience (UX)
  • It’s not a responsive design or mobile friendly

Your website exists solely to increase leads. If you aren’t attracting them, you can’t engage with them and ultimately delight them with your products or services.

Utilize our search engine optimization services to increase website traffic in Elkin

Getting your site on Page 1 of Google is the key. We often tell people that Google is the new home page of your website. Showing up here is your goal! By showing up on page 1, you have a better chance of getting people to visit your website and generating more leads online. SEO or search engine optimization can make a huge difference in your website's performance.

It can be very overwhelming for businesses who attempt to dive into the intricacies of SEO, let alone keeping up with the changes. 

There are so many various factors that affect a website's rank in search engines. Nevertheless, optimizing a site to rank for relevant search terms can significantly impact a business's success. This is why at Cube Creative Design, we take the time to thoroughly review our clients' websites to ensure we're taking advantage of every opportunity to improve the organic rank.

There are several well-known SEO strategies, including: 

  • On-page optimizations or ensuring web pages are free from errors
  • Formating the HTML so that the website displays correctly for all website visitors on any device
  • Keyword optimization involves researching specific terms or "keywords" 
  • Produce and post content to the website to target those keywords

User experience matters!

Simply improving your website's user experience, you can increase conversions and leads online. 

Think about this if your website is challenging to navigate, you are adding friction to the process. If you think back to your school days, you know that friction causes things to stop. Therefore with enough friction in navigating your website, visitors will leave, never to return.

At Cube Creative Design, we pride ourselves on designing and developing websites that are as unique as the business itself. But as we often tell prospects and clients alike, there are somethings that we need to keep in a similar location, such as:

  • Making the logo clickable and returning you to the home page
  • Navigation or menu items easy to get to
  • Powerful leading images
  • Call to action items

Another way to think about this would be to imagine getting behind the wheel of a car. If the gas was on the left and the brake was on the right, the turn signals had to be controlled with the radio. Would you want to drive that car?

Additionally, websites should also have:

  • fast load times
  • professional-looking layout and design
  • mobile-friendly or responsive layout
  • simple menus
  • functional links and forms
  • accurate and easy-to-find contact information

Take a look at your site. Are you missing out on valuable website traffic from prospects due to the lack of speed, non-responsive layout, or complicated menus?

Unfortunately, even websites built by professional web developers are still not always optimized for the best results. If your site is more than five years old, then you may want to consider a redesign or at least a check-up.

If you would like a FREE website audit of your website, utilize our FREE SEO Audit!

Our Elkin Digital Marketing Services

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Increase search engine visibility. Attract more traffic. Convert more leads. Increase your bottom line.

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Turn your website into a digital marketing powerhouse, producing leads that convert into sales.

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A steady flow of new reviews boosts your SEO. High ratings ensure they choose you over your competitors.

Web Design


Search engine optimized, beautiful, responsive websites that actively market your business on the Internet.

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Pricing Options for Elkin, North Carolina

When you are just starting out with digital marketing or looking to redo your website, there are a myriad of options out there.  However, if you want to truly invest in your business and start harnessing the power of the internet and the online world in which we live, then check out either our most popular options or the below calculator.

If you are only looking for a website, plan on investing somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000+, depending on your specific needs. Schedule a free consultation and we can give you a more accurate estimate.

If you are interested in determing the return on investment (ROI) of digital marketing? Use this calculator to determine the you could experience!.


Are you considering digital marketing? Use this calculator to determine the return on investment (ROI) you could experience with digital marketing.