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Social media marketing techniques have become more prominent in today’s business landscape. Business owners have become more interested in the role that digital marketing plays in a business’s overall success.

One feature, mainly, is the cost of social media marketing that successful companies spend. To put things into perspective, Brian Dean of Backlink reports that about 4.48 billion users are currently active on social media worldwide. Not only that, the number of active users is expected to increase from here on.

As social media acts as the bridge between clients and businesses, a working foundation of this bridge would be necessary for businesses to solidify their presence, reputation, and sales in this digital age. Additionally, research shows that more consumers are slowly adapting to gathering their insights on a particular business digitally as opposed to traditional marketing.

As a result, most experts recommend that businesses strengthen their social media presence to reach their target audience and heighten their engagement easily.

In this article, you will find out about the current financial costs and time spent by businesses and the ideal amount you should invest, depending on the qualities of your local business.

Loni Miller

Written by:  |  August 8, 2022

Loni is our social media manager. She enjoys creating engaging content for social media to help small businesses grow their online presence. She has extensive knowledge of social media platforms and what works on each.

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Infographics are great, but it’s tricky to create them. You need to work smart to strike a balance between creativity and the value it brings about. The internet is getting overwhelming over the years, and it’s important to share information with the audience in a smart way. And, that’s when businesses try to focus on tools like infographics which allow you to share information with eye-catching and appealing visuals.

An infographic lets you convey complex information in a concise and simple way. Infographics have become quite popular due to the fact that people prefer content that is short, yet informative. Infographics also offer a number of benefits from a digital marketing point of view. The visual element of the infographics allows the readers to remember the information for a longer period of time, which is great for brand awareness.

If you want your digital marketing strategy to stand out, you must invest time in creating attention-grabbing infographics. The information infographics convey is often complex, the process of making an infographic doesn’t have to be.

Let us now explain how to create an effective infographic in 5 steps. These steps will make the overall process easier.

Written by: Staff  |  August 5, 2022

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Every month, private and Christian schools spend millions of dollars on marketing and advertising. However, most of us do not have that kind of budget, so we need more viable advertising ideas for our school. In this article, I’ll go over the two major types of school marketing and advertising: those that take time (grassroots marketing) and those that take money (advertising).

Before we get into the various ways to advertise a school, it’s critical to recognize the absolute importance of marketing within a private school’s business operations. When a private Christian school is up and running and receiving a steady stream of new students, you should be reinvesting at least 10-12 percent of your revenue in your school’s marketing.

Admittedly, there are times when a school may be forced to reduce its school marketing budget. This usually happens when policies change, or the board feels there is an impending recession and wants to “save money.” If that happens to you, then you have to simultaneously increase the amount of time you spend on your marketing efforts (that’s the school marketing budget equation detailed more below). You absolutely cannot reduce your “total” marketing: the combination of paid advertising, promotional events, grassroots outreach, etc. If you cut back, your school will inevitably fall into a downward spiral of declining enrollments.

Adam Bennett

Written by:  |  August 3, 2022

Adam is the president and founder of Cube Creative Design. Since starting the business in 2005, he has created individual relationships with clients in Western North Carolina. He places great value on the needs, expectations, and goals of the client.

See Adam Bennett's' bio: cubecreative.design/about/adam-bennett

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So, you’re thinking about digital marketing on Facebook and how you can use it to grow your local small business. Because of Facebook’s huge audience clout, it can give you a lot of opportunities to engage with a new audience and extend your company’s reach.

Right now, you may have questions about digital marketing Facebook, which this guide can hopefully clarify. How can I start Facebook marketing, and how can I make it work for my business?

What strategies can I use for effective Facebook marketing? What is the cost of Facebook marketing for my business, and when can I see results from marketing through this platform?

These questions and more are explained to guide you on what you should do to increase consumer and client engagement and website traffic using Facebook.

Loni Miller

Written by:  |  August 1, 2022

Loni is our social media manager. She enjoys creating engaging content for social media to help small businesses grow their online presence. She has extensive knowledge of social media platforms and what works on each.