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Effective K-12 Private School Marketing for today

You need a parent-optimized website and thoughtful admissions process.

Proven Success.

Leave no potential family behind.

Stop wasting money on marketing that no longer works.

Our owner, Adam, wants to tell you and your school board what we do:

Does this sound familiar? "Our school already has a website, a Facebook page, and great word of mouth, but we're not bringing in a lot of new students each year..."

It's time to change your marketing strategies for the 2020's.

Even if you already have an official website and social media pages, it doesn’t mean that you will instantly get a lot of people interested in your school. Some of these schools may even have spent a good amount of money running ads, and still nothing happens. Postcards, billboards, magazine ads - nothing seems to move your projected numbers.

We understand there are intricate matters in play if you really want to generate more leads, and convert inquiries into actual enrollments.

One of the first steps to a lasting solution is to understand the most common online marketing issues faced by educational institutions today. This is essential to private school marketing.

Common Issues Faced by Private Schools in 2021

Common Issues Faced by Private Schools 2021 - Trending Down

Here are some of the most common challenges that you may already be facing right now:

  • Low Web Traffic: since many businesses have now transitioned over to the web space, the competition has become a lot tighter in the recent months. One of the key metrics that you should look out for is the traffic coming into your school’s official website. It’s a numbers game, and if there are more people visiting your site, chances are that there is a better probability that you will see a greater increase in your enrollment.

  • Low Public Awareness in the Local Market: You can’t rely on the local foot traffic nowadays, especially when people would prefer to stay at home. Word of mouth marketing would be nice, but that is not an option if your regular attendance is low. You need more people spreading the word to take advantage of that marketing strategy. Experts highly suggest that an effective solution is to use local search marketing. People nowadays search the internet by location and taking advantage of that puts you right in the map of their best options.

  • Scheduling School Visits Is a Hassle: another common issue faced by local private schools today is difficulty scheduling visits by prospective parents and their children. Some visiting schedules may overlap since there is no coordination between your staff and at times, you may have fewer staff to accommodate visitors.

  • Low Social Media Engagement: Sure, you may have setup your school’s official social media pages. You fill it with content, the ones you think will attract a lot of attention but nothing works. There is very little engagement, you spend money on ads, and still nothing works.

Believe it or not, we encounter these issues a lot from our clients. That is why we have provided a proven system that has worked for all of our partners. Our strategies have worked time and again and we have results to show as well. 

What our partner schools say...

crenshaw-school-logo.jpgThis team has marketing covered from every angle! They redesigned our website in record time, created the most beautiful brochure, and one of my favorite parts is the content writing! Professional, courteous, responsive.

We have seen measurable results since we began using them. Knowledgeable, professional, I just can't say enough good things about their service.

- The Crenshaw School, Orlando, FL

els-logo.jpgCube Creative transformed our admissions process to answer parent questions before they asked.

Along with a new website that was designed for new potential families and increased site traffic, we recorded a 15% increase in students in the first year.

-Emmanuel Lutheran School, Asheville, NC

What a Partnership with Cube Creative Design Means for You?

We are an agency that is in the business of helping private schools like yours get noticed when people search for you on the Internet and turn that visitor into a lead interested in your school. 

Here are the benefits that you can get when you partner with us for school marketing. This is according to our three-step formula: Attract, Engage, and Delight.

Flywheel Attract

Step 1: Attract Visitors from the Local Market

Who will most likely walk into your doors and inquire about your school? No, it’s not someone from another state or someone who lives just across the border. The ones most likely to visit your school are the local folks.

We help schools attract the attention of your target area. We analyze your current family data to understand and create an accurate profile. We’re not just trying to get everybody—that’s not likely to work, according to our experience.

What we have found to be profoundly useful is using local targeted traffic. There’s no need to force your information to everyone. We help you attract potential families and their children who will become your students that are looking exactly for what you are offering.

Using our strategy, the people who will be asking for more information about your school will be ones who are already interested qualified potential leads.

Flywheel Engage

Step 2: Engage Parents 

Engaging both the parents and their children is an important step to converting leads and potentials into targeted prospects and then into actual school families. We understand that every parent is different, and you should choose the correct channels that they prefer, so you want to engage them appropriately and effectively.

We help you identify the best times to contact parents and guardians. We also help to identify their preferred channels. This is an essential element on how to market a school.

During each encounter with the parents, and perhaps with their children, we discuss their specific needs. We also consider the preferences of both the children and their parents. We also explain how your school’s offerings provide the best fit for each individual student.

Flywheel Engage

Step 3: Delighting the Entire Family

We understand that the success of the student is the delight of the parents. Our role doesn’t end with getting kids enrolled in your school. We help you keep in touch with the parents and children.

We devote our resources to help you effectively provide the best school experience for the children. We also make it easier for you to provide updates to the parents with regards to the progress of the students.

Why Market Locally?

Why Market Locally - Graph Trending Up

33% of top searches today come from local markets, which is why your school will benefit if you improve your local search engine rankings. Google is actually helping local businesses get the spotlight that they deserve.

We help your school rank better in search engine results by providing you with local SEO services. This would require an entire site audit, which will involve the following:

  • Perform a Site Audit: We will check if your site has a good domain name, evaluate and revise your site’s content, evaluate and revise your use of social networks, create a winning Google My Business page, and help you manage reviews of your school.
  • Google Business Profile and Map Ranking: We help you make it easier for parents to find your school. We also use the maps to help boost your site in the search results as well.
  • Search Engine Optimization: The goal is to make your school the first one that parents will see when they do a local search for schools in the area.
  • Local Competitor Analysis: We analyze what your competitors are doing, and we help keep your local SEO strategy up-to-date according to the current best practices in place in the market.

Improve Your School’s Image

Improve Your School’s Image In Your Community

Estimates show that 92% of your potential familie will read online reviews about your school. 68% of those who read the reviews often say that the positive reviews often influence their choice. Positive reviews also improve the customers’ trust in any business—including private schools.

That is why managing your school’s online reputation should be one of your priorities. To do that, you need to find these reviews, comment on them, respond to any concerns being raised, and show professional courtesy in your interactions. 

Our team from Cube Creative Design will work with your in-house online marketing staff, and train them to respond and manage online reviews.

More of what our partner schools say... 

crenshaw-school-logo.jpgOur enrollment is up! By May, we already gained enough new families that made up for any families leaving and are still receiving inquiries for new students.

Before working with Cube, we were combining classrooms and reducing faculty. Now, we are seeking new teachers and splitting those combined classrooms again. The electronic admissions process keeps us organized and professional. No potential students fall through the cracks anymore. I know it is in good hands with Cube Creative!

- St. Paul Lutheran School, Northville, MI

els-logo.jpgWe have seen great changes in our digital marketing since getting help from Cube Creative.

They recreated our website to attract new families and create unique blog and other content each month that keeps up on the top of the search engines so we can be found easily. They are always responsive and help us with anything needed with marketing and development.

- Haywood Christian Academy, Waynesville, NC

Our services and training in this department will include how to encourage your families to write online reviews and feedback:

  • Asking for parent feedback. Sometimes, all it takes is to directly ask a parent to leave a review, and they will be happy to do it and help improve your school’s reputation.
  • Encouraging happy families to relate their experience. Every time a parent tells your teachers they are happy with the school, these parents should be encouraged to leave a review.
  • Improve your review systems, making them more accessible to everyone. Your staff should drop links to your review page, social media, and blog comments every time they interact with parents.

Handling client feedback usually requires a few simple steps:

  • Staying positive and helpful despite the negative feedback that has been received.
  • Your staff will have to learn how to acknowledge all types of complaints and never shift the blame to the parent or client.
  • Our team will help you analyze every negative feedback and break it down to its core points. We will help you find ways to make things right.
  • After crafting an appropriate response for each complaint and issue being raised, your staff should be able to respond the soonest possible time. Providing prompt responses is a huge sign that you are listening to your clients and that you care about their concerns.

Your School and Cube Creative Partnership

Here at Cube Creative Design, our focus is to create a delightful individualized client experience. Partnering with us boosts your customer service levels, web presence, and brand awareness. All of that will inevitably result in increased ROI.

Yes, we speak the language of a school board and school ministry team. ;-)

Let's Chat about your school!