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Just because you build a website for your church, doesn't mean that visitors are going to find it, let alone come in on Sunday.

That's where SEO, or search engine optimization, comes in. With the right content, user experiences, and website functionality in place, your site can act like a magnet to draw in and engage prospective visitors and be a great resource for your members.

What do you then do with that increased traffic? How do you nurture your new visitors to give you information needed to walk them through an introduction to your church, your teachings, and your worship style?

This is where good content and design into play.

Take your website visitors and turn them into church visitors.
We create a church marketing plan that can:

Flywheel Marketing


Using good SEO, attract seekers looking for churches in your area.


Good web design is important in not only attracting web seacrhes, but how seekers find the information they need quickly to visit your church in person.


Using your website, offer a one-stop location for information on a weekly basis for your members.

Cube Creative helps churches build a better online presence, starting with a new website that focuses on the visitor.

  1. Analyze the entire website to make recommendations for on-page SEO, including H1, Title, meta tags, image alt tags, keywords, and content. We also review the URL structure.
  2. Keyword Research - We find the valuable keywords being used locally to find churches like yours that your site should be targeting.
  3. Optimization - Our team will implement the changes from the two steps above to increase traffic volume using your current content.
  4. Additional Content - Our writers will write new content each month to build upon new keywords and phrases to further increase traffic.
  5. Monitoring and Reporting - We provide a detailed report each month using Google Analytics, SEM Rush, and Google My Business that shows the progress each month.