Do you know that an effective social media marketing strategy is one of the best audience-building approaches you can use for your small business?  

With over 53% of the world’s population on social media, it is imperative that you build your presence on those platforms to reach out to your intended audience. 

Millennials and GenZ’ers are on social media where they spend more than two and a half hours daily. This makes social media a necessary platform for small business digital marketing. 

To get started on this platform and learn how to use social media for small businesses, begin with these steps: 

  • Know your target audience and where to find them on social media. 
  • Engage with your audience as much as you can. 
  • Use the platform to introduce your brand and increase your brand awareness. 
  • Build quality content on social media. Focus more on quality rather than quantity in building your content. 
  • Be clear about your goals and focus on them as you implement your strategies for social media marketing for small businesses
  • Provide free knowledge to your target audience about your products and services to generate interest. 
  • Follow the marketing trends currently used in social media marketing. 

If you are looking for a social media marketing service and social media tips for business, we can help. We can help your business build a strong online presence using social media marketing strategies that produce results.

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How Cube Creative Design Steps In to Improve Your Social Media Marketing 

Cube Creative Design is a team of web developers, content strategists, graphic designers, and social media marketers. We are the best local marketing team to collaborate with if your business targets local consumers in North Carolina. We keep things 100% local for small businesses in North Carolina.  

Whether you run a small brick-and-mortar store or provide services in or at people’s homes or businesses, we have your business covered.

Why Do Small Businesses Need Social Media Marketing

Why Do Small Businesses Need Social Media Marketing?

The reason why small businesses need social media marketing is to help you propel your revenue and spur your growth. With the social media marketing strategies that we implement, your business can benefit in many ways, such as the following: 

  • Creating brand recognition, increasing brand awareness, and fortifying brand authority and loyalty
  • Increasing client satisfaction and sales
  • Building a cost-effective marketing campaign
  • Teaching you how to create and tell your brand’s story
  • Using social media platforms to remarket to your audience
  • Measuring success with Analytics and implementing data research to build a more effective marketing campaign that will drive revenue

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Stop Making These Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media marketing (SMM), when done correctly, can trigger impressive results on boosting sales and building a brand’s image. 

Many businesses use SMM to pitch services to their target market directly. It is a way for companies to widen their brand’s reach and recognition. 

However, to err is human. We all make mistakes. That is why even established companies can go wrong along the way, so reminders should be welcome all the time. 

So, what are the mistakes committed when implementing social media marketing? Make sure to avoid the following errors: 

Not Using an Exemplary SMM Strategy

Not Using an Exemplary SMM Strategy

Social media is critical for marketing a business and its products, and not many companies realize it. That is why they do not put a lot of effort and value into social media when advertising and lead-generating on these platforms. 

Social media strategizing does not only mean posting several articles every day. It is far beyond that. More importantly, it means focusing on building brand awareness and following a clearly-defined goal. 

If you do not have a clearly-defined goal or you fail to engage in conversations with your audience, it can mean that you are not focused on building brand awareness or have failed to set up goals to follow or guide you in your marketing campaign.

Not Tracking Results

Not Tracking Results 

Failure to track the results of your SMM campaign can be detrimental to your business. When you market on social media, check out features that allow marketers to track their progress on the platform in real-time. 

Although you do not have to expect results to show up right away, monitoring your social media performance to identify the strategies that give positive results for your campaign is a must-do task for your marketing team. 

By tracking your social media analytics, you can modify, improve, or create targeted strategies aimed to increase your brand’s following. 

The staff at Cube Creative can help your team monitor client engagement, conversions, buying trends, and your growing influence on social media. 

Thinking Every Social Media Site Is the Same

Thinking Every Social Media Site Is the Same

This mistake is common among big brands. They post similar content in the same format across all social media platforms. That reduces the possibility of reaching out to a diverse audience on multiple platforms, with their varying needs and expectations.

Hence, keep in mind that you can use different platforms but must provide the appropriate content to the particular audience you are targeting on each platform.

Do you want to know what mistakes you are making in your SMM marketing and how to replace them with better-performing strategies? Talk with our marketing specialists here. 

Why Should You Use Cube Creative Design?

When you do social media marketing, it is a mistake to put all your eggs in one basket. Each social media network has its strengths and weaknesses. Each network has different features that may or may not be helpful to your business. 

Yes, you can use more than one platform, but for each platform, make sure that you use only the features that can help you build your audience and North Carolina small business and ignore the ones that are not useful for you. 

But identifying all opportunities offered in different platforms and taking advantage of them all can be time-consuming. That is why we are here. We can make things easier for you by: 


Working for Your Goals

Working for Your Goals

We can help you achieve whatever your goal is in marketing your business. We have a proven track record of assisting clients in growing their audience, generating leads, boosting their ROI, optimizing their social media content for improved SEO performance, etc. You name it, and we will provide it.
Ensuring Access to Your Target Audiences

Ensuring Access to Your Target Audiences

We can help you with how you can get direct access to your target audience. The trick is to find where your audience is on social media and create targeted messages just for them to prod them to start the buying cycle for your products and business.


Increasing Your Site’s Traffic

Increasing Your Site’s Traffic

We can also help you look for ways to increase your leads and sales with SMM strategies that drive traffic to your website. Also, we can use ad retargeting strategies to connect with those who did not engage with you and your business despite your efforts to engage with them. That will put your brand message right in front of them on social media and get them onboard to your business. 

Are you ready to know more about how Cube Creative can help your business and the irresistible offers we have for our clients? 

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Cube Creative Design

Why work with Cube Creative now?

Our Service Is Exactly What You Need

Cube Creative is precisely the agency you are looking for if you want to get started right with your social media marketing. 

No matter how busy we are, our team will take the time to sit and discuss with you the perfect marketing strategy for your business right away. Thus, with us, you will not waste time or money with a marketing agency that cannot provide what you want when you need it. 

We Can Customize Your Project

It is essential that you work with an agency that can adjust with whatever marketing needs you want to implement. 

If it is social media marketing that you want to optimize, we can do that for you on your terms and according to your goals.

Learn how we customize your social media marketing campaigns by contacting us today!


Here are our most popular Social Media Marketing Packages


$300 /month

  • Content creation with approval
  • Post scheduling
  • Hashtag research
  • No engagement
  • 1 platform
  • Google My Business posting (1 post per week)
  • Google My Business Monitoring


$375 /month

  • Content creation with approval
  • Post scheduling
  • Hashtag research
  • No engagement
  • 2 platforms
  • Google My Business posting (1 post per week)
  • Google My Business Monitoring


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Helping Businesses in North Carolina

Helping Businesses in North Carolina - Offices in Asheville and Wilkesboro

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Our clientele consists primarily of small businesses like yours with business locations in Asheville and Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Whatever type of business you are running, be it custom home building, plumbing, cleaning, automotive repair, or something in between, we can customize a marketing plan for you to grow your business fast. 

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