North Carolina Small Business Content Marketing Agency 

If you are a small business located in North Carolina or anywhere in the United States, you know that the competition for your business is intense if not impossibly fierce; at Cube Creative, we know there are definite heartaches small businesses suffer trying to make their brand known. The question is, how do you get exposure for your small business? There is a simple solution - you must pick the right digital marketing agency. More importantly, you must select the right marketing agency in North Carolina. 

Just like with your small business, there is a sea of growth marketing agencies in North Carolina. Should you go with a larger digital marketing agency or a small digital agency?  Which type of agency do you choose? You can get lost just figuring out what each service entails. 

Wait a minute! Don’t start pulling your hair out and screaming it is hopeless! Below we will help you answer all the painful questions you have about making your small business the only one customers find. 

Small business websites are better with content marketing

1. Wow, a website

As obvious as this solution may seem, many small businesses overlook the importance of having an eye-popping website full of rich content. Gone are the days that just pure text will draw and keep customers coming back to your small business's website. If you don't develop a website that stands out in the digital crowd, your small business will remain small and lost in the sea of the other countless small businesses that are competing for the market share. Also, don't make the mistake of thinking that your Social Media page will take the place of a well-designed website. A website is the most important tool in your marketing arsenal. 

This holds true in North Carolina as well. Many service-related small business owners are trying to figure out how to become known to the local community and stand out in the crowd. If you are a North Carolina small business owner (electrician, auto repair shop, plumber, etc.), you must have a website that stands tall among all the local competition's websites. 

You cannot afford to just create your own website by slapping a few cute images and some keyword phrases in the right spots and think your website will shoot to the top of the local ranking pack. You must pay for all the extra upgrades, and you must be able to continually maintain the website, but you are running a small business. Who has time to maintain a website and a small business? 

Cube Creative to the rescue

Cube Creative is the go-to one-stop-all content marketing agency in North Carolina. We have been the best digital marketing agency in North Carolina since 2005. You don't get to the top and stay there for as long as we have by accident. We are website masters who know the language of SEO and how to make your website climb to the top. 

We will design a website for your small business targeting your unique market. We will create meaningful and rich content that goes far beyond just traditional text. We will help you create relevant videos and images that will bring customers to your website in significant numbers. We are a dedicated online agency that you must hire to make your outstanding product or service known to the local community. We will help you capture that 97% of local traffic that engages in local searches. We will also assist in getting more leads and sales for your local market and your small business. We want to help you make your small business a local legend in your local community.

Local Social Media Marketing

2. Social media masterpiece

Another heartache many small business owners face is thinking they can run a business with just a Facebook page. First of all, if they are being honest, no small business owner has the time to monitor a social media page day and night. Plus, it will not attract enough business on its own. True, you could run some ads, but is that really going to help? 

This is a sad social media misconception among North Carolina small business owners and small business owners around the country. They think that if they have a social media page and throw some content on it and maybe a few images, it will bring a steady stream of customers to their business. True, your small business must have a strong presence on social media, which is a critical part of your total marketing strategy. You need to hire a growth marketing agency that knows how to give your small business that needed local edge. Social Media is a powerful marketing tool to use to put your small business on the local map. However, if you do not implement proper social media marketing strategies, your small business will get lost and remain locally unknown. By hiring a social media expert, they will guide your small business through the social media marketing maze. 

Cube Creative your social media magnet

If you own a small business in North Carolina looking for that last piece to pull the social media puzzle together, then look no further than Cube Creative. We serve small businesses across the U.S, but we mainly focus on small businesses in North Carolina. We have offices located in Asheville, North Carolina, and Wilkesboro, North Carolina. We understand both metropolitan and rural area marketing allowing us to help any small business across North Carolina.

We are a prominent digital marketing agency in NC, and we know that your small business is not only competing against other local small businesses but a global conglomerate of leaner, meaner larger companies. We know how to weave through the fierce competition and take your business to the top of the local community. We will devise proper and relevant social media marketing strategies making your small business a social media powerhouse. 

At Cube Creative, we design a sound plan of social media marketing strategies that target your particular market, which helps to maintain your existing customer base. Our goal is always to help your business succeed and dramatically increase your business's local customer base. We know that it takes more than plastering a few stunning images on your Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest pages. 

We create powerful websites as the core of our social media marketing strategy. We then will drive new customers to your website through your social media platform. In consultation with you, we will choose the right social media platform(s) for your targeted market. This is a critical step to ensure we utilize the right social media platform(s) for your local business. We have matched up countless small businesses with the right social media platforms. 

Innovative local SEO

3. Innovative local SEO is a must

A lot of North Carolina businesses fail to realize the importance of a solid SEO strategy. Especially, when it comes to reaching the local community (the direct geographical area the business or electrician, plumber, or auto repair shop is located). A local SEO strategy involves more than just putting a few short or long-tail keyword phrases or keywords in the right percentage ratio and in all the right places in the page's content. This type of strategy used to work, but it is no longer relevant. 

Google is constantly changing algorithms and patterns to optimize for local SEO. Again, most small business owners do not have time to develop and maintain local SEO strategies that will drive their business to the top of local search engine rankings. If you do not implement proper local SEO strategies you will miss out on a lot of potential business. Remember that 97% of searches are done at the local level. Your best option is to hire a growth marketing agency who understands what is needed. 

Local SEO strategy is an ongoing daily commitment which necessitates a specific know-how to maximize the potential of local SEO. You must even the playing field so your small business can be successful and beat the local competition to gain the lion's share of the local market. Most North Carolina small business owners do not posses the proper knowledge to run and maintain a successful local SEO presence and strategy. You need a small digital marketing agency to run the SEO for you—someone who knows and has the best strategies and methods proven to be successful.

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Apply Cube Creative's local SEO expertise

Cube Creative is North Carolina's answer for finding the best local SEO strategies available on the internet today. We offer top local SEO services starting at a modest $500 a month, and you will get the finest local SEO service in North Carolina. We go way beyond the standard of just offering consulting services and price estimations. 

We deliver undeniable results, and we have a proven track record that has brought outstanding results for our clients. At Cube Creative, we will optimize keywords and content, and we will help your small business grow without compromising your small business's products or services. Here's what we will do:

  • Study other local businesses so we can analyze the competition and adapt relevant local SEO strategies.
  • We will monitor and keep your personal My Google Business Profile up-to-date to keep your local online presence relevant.
  • We will tailor your local SEO strategy around keywords and relevant local interests to appeal to the local market. Meeting the needs and desires of the local community is key to your business being successful. Cube Creative will make sure this is a reality for your small business. 

Finally, experience the difference that Cube Creative takes by scheduling a free consultation with us. Chad or Adam will be glad to walk you through your options.