Digital Signage Asheville

How does your business benefit?

Digital Connect Media (DCM) installs your Digital Information Center(s) free of charge (if part of our advertising network) and offers an attractive, practical, and high-tech solution to publicly display important news & information about your business. While enhancing the decor & image of your business, digital signage will allow you to entertain and educate your existing & emerging customers. Increasing both your retention and ROI. Connecting your business with your customers within your community... digitally!

Why should we partner with Digital Connect Media?

We take a "customer service with a conscience" approach to business; continually striving to earn the respect, confidence, and good will of our participating businesses.

What is the process of getting digital signage?

  1.  We come out to your location and run a site survey for your needs, including finding ideal location(s) of each monitor and player, and network connections.
  2.  Your equipment is ordered and installed.
  3.  We build content based on your needs and update your signage remotely.
  4.  We train you how to edit your signage or leave the changes to us.

What features are included with the signage player software?

Digital Connect Media's signage software allows you to edit your presentation from any computer with an Internet connection. Show live weather, news stories, and stock prices alongside your photo slideshows, custom text, and images. Use the integrated music player to play music with your signage. Create your own slides directly in the software or have DCM create the scenes for you.

What equipment will I need?

In order to display your signage presentation, you will need a media player, a display, and some cables to hook up the media player to the display. Our standard media player is a powerful, but small form factor Windows computer with a dual-core processor, plenty of memory and storage space and has WiFi built in.

If your display is some distance away from your media player, you will need some type of distribution or extension equipment to deliver your presentation from the media player to the the display. Costs for this equipment varies, depending on distance and resolution requirements. We make this extremely affordable to start your digital signage solution!

Display costs vary, depending on how large and what type you plan to use. We recommend using only commercial-grade displays. But if your budget is tight, any display with a VGA input can work, including most consumer TVs available today. Consumer monitors will not last as long as commercial monitors.

Can I play my presentation on more than one monitor?

You can play your signage presentation on as many monitors as you like. There are no additional fees to display your presentation on multiple monitors, but there will be some additional equipment costs to split the media player video output and distribute it to those other displays. As an example, if you currently have many TVs already hooked up to a broadcasting service (like Satellite, Cable, or Over-the-Air Antenna), we can distribute your presentation to all those TV's by modulating your media player output as a TV channel that can easily be tuned in just like any other channel. There is no extra license fee for this capability, but there is a cost associated with the distribution equipment and those costs will vary, depending on your specific requirements.

Do I need an Internet connection?

No... but, An Internet connection is not absolutely necessary to run our digital signage solution, but it gives you access to the full feature set of options, such as remote monitoring, immediate updates and more.

Yes. Without an Internet connection, your presentation would have to be uploaded manually to the media player. This may be okay for a kiosk or other display whose content does not change often and an Internet connection is not available. All the signage content is stored in the "cloud" and on the player. When updates are made to your presentation, the player automatically downloads the new content, no matter how many signs you have.

How do I add content to my sign?

You can add content using our Signage Controller software available from our website or request content be made and delivered by DCM. We will update your sign once a quarter only if you request it.

How do I maintain my sign equipment?

Your player will restart automatically after a power failure and reboot every day to maintain optimal performance. Simply turn your flatscreen monitor on or off as you like. The screen may be wiped down with a cloth lightly dampened with water. Do not spray or apply liquids directly to the screen, only to the cloth. Do not use any cleaning solutions such as Windex. This could damage the surface of the screen.

Can I use my sign to display live television?

YES. We can supply the special player to connect to your cable or satellite box to display live TV.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Simply contact our support team by email or phone and we will pinpoint any issues.

Minimum Player System Requirements

  • Intel 2.0 GHz Dual-Core Processor
  • Memory 1GB
  • Hard Drive 40GB
  • Graphics video with VGA, DVI, or HDMI outputs
  • Audio Card Optional
  • Ethernet LAN 10/100 network interface or 802.11G Wifi with antenna suggested

What is the environmental impact on a digital screen?

The utilization of digital signage screens could help your business’ carbon footprint by reducing its involvement with the 4th largest contributor to global carbon emissions, namely, the paper industry. Our signage can turn off after business hour automatically. There are a lot of environmental issues surrounding the ink used in traditional signage; these can also be addressed by using digital signage screens.

Digital Signage Green AshevilleThe old fashioned and environmentally wasteful method of printed advertising campaigns, menu board light boxes and printed internal communication is moving over for a more flexible, dynamic, engaging and profitable means of public communication, the use of digital signage screens.

Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting that Digital Signage doesn’t have a carbon footprint at all. But it is important to compare the alternatives.  The alternatives to Digital Signage include items such as posters, newsletters, pamphlets, etc. Each of these is created with multiple types of materials such as glue, ink, paint, and more.  Every material needed must be shipped and after the creation process, the finished product is shipped again. Every time new material must be created, this process is repeated. That’s a lot of transportation for items that might end up in the trash in just a few weeks.

The components of Digital Signage must be created as well –  display monitors, wall mounts, cables, etc.  But after your digital signage network is up and running, the transportation ends. Your signage should run successfully for many years, while all content is produced digitally and without waste.

Digital Signage does use electricity, but many non-digital signs are back-lit or lighted and using electricity as well. While the use of electricity is something that cannot be avoided for digital signage, technology developers are consistently finding ways to reduce the amount of electricity used. What’s the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint with your digital signage?  If there is ever a time your network is not in use – save energy and use your signage software feature that allows you to schedule display OFF periods.

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