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Digital Signage


Those TV screens you see installed in doctor offices, schools, churches, food menu boards, and lots of other locations is called digital signage.

Digital Connect Media by Cube Creative can build your screen presentation, add automatically updated information and entertainment, and train you how to update yourself. We can also run full campaigns for any type of business.

Smart Sign

Our signage solution includes dozens of smart components from social, blogs, weather, mobile integration, entertainment, and more. The smart components will add supercharged content that's always relevant to your audience.

Digital Screen Management on the Cloud

Your screen presentation is managed from anywhere on the Internet. We build the screen to your specifications and make suggestions for what may work best for your screen location. Add RSS, stock tickers, weather, HD videos, animations, and hundreds of other components. Deliver an engaging presentation to your audience anytime, anywhere.

Manage your screen presentation from any platform. Load content from Dropbox and Google Drive as well.

Our SignageStudio is the “command central” for your Digital Signage network

We build the instruments, teach you how to use them, then you sit in the command seat (or we can run it for you).

Some key features of the software include:

  • Manage digital signage content distribution from a web-based centralized management console (in the office or from a remote location).
  • Deliver rich media including: Multiple HD video and audio formats, RSS feeds, and image slide shows.
  • Display live news, weather, traffic reports, emergency announcements and many other notices.
  • Display custom-created content together with live TV channels, videos and RSS feeds on one screen
  • Transfer schedules and contents to one or more displays.
  • Control, monitor and design screen layouts remotely using any internet connection
  • Manage daily power on/off time for any display or group of displays.
  • Non-evasive media player profile- attaches to the back of a monitor with available wireless technology to eliminate clutter and complexity.
  • Redundant and self diagnostic maintenance ensures constant & reliable operation

Digital Signage 101

Select your business type to learn more:

Small Retailers

• Enhance the customer experience
• Promote products, specials, and sales
• Educate and train customers and employees
• Reduced perceived wait times in lines
• Entertain and engage customers
• Deliver ads


Restaurants/Coffee Shops/Cafés

• Drive dynamic menu boards
• Schedule menu changes
• Upsell/Cross Sell menu items
• Promote best sellers
• Show nutritional information
• Welcome customers
• Update prices and products in real time


Banks/Credit Unions

• Highlight products/services
• Reduce perceived wait times
• Display relevant market data
• Change rate information
• Show live TV/news/weather



• Inform students, teachers and visitors about campus activities
• Showcase maps and wayfinding information
• Deliver news, weather, and real time data
• Display web content
• Promote programs, awards, and accomplishments



• Welcome guests
• Promote loyalty programs
• Showcase local attractions
• Highlight amenities
• Cross sell upgrades & services
• Create back-of-house information channel for employees
• Display maps and directions

Recreation Facilities

• Communicate and inform members and visitors
• Promote products and specials
• Educate and train members
• Deliver ads



• Communicate and inform members and visitors
• Showcase upcoming events
• Encourage donations
• Enhance events with video, audio, and images


Corporate Communications

• Welcome visitors
• Provide maps and wayfinding
• Communicate to employees
• Recognize employees and customers
• Add ambiance or excitement
• Promote products, services, accolades
• Broadcast training
• Display metrics and productivity



• Communicate and inform visitors
• Promote services
• Deliver wellness information and advisories
• Create calming environment
• Provide waiting room entertainment

Locally Installed samples:

By offering a stand-alone product, Digital Connect Media's digital signage allows you to deliver customized content (of any type) to your audience... instantly, professionally, and effectively.

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