Resurrection Lutheran School is located in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area of North Carolina. Catering to families in the outskirts of Raleigh, RLS serves ages preschool through grade 8. Needing more new families to find them, RLS reached out to Cube Creative for a new website, content marketing plan, and promotional video to supercharge their admissions process.

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Alabama Aerospace and Aviation High School in Bessemer, AL, is a free public high school that is aviation and STEM-focused. Needing more new families to know about the school, AAHS contacted Cube Creative for a new website and content marketing plan to change up their marketing to focus more on digital avenues.

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St. Peter Lutheran Church and School in Northlake/Forth Worth, Texas, had a plan to expand from a preschool to K-5 with a new building initiative. Wanting to make sure their school is visible online when the new grades open in over a year, Cube Creative was the choice to help make it happen. Our team created a new school site with a new logo and content plan to start building traffic for the following year's admission year. We also created a matching church site to reflect the quality of the school site that seamlessly integrated the organization online while keeping the two parts separate for digital marketing.

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Located in Defiance, OH, St. John Lutheran School needed more families. Cube Creative jumped in to build a new website that converts visitors into leads and helped the school organize and follow up with potential families. Along with a solid content marketing plan to increase search engine visibility and traffic, we helped put more qualified students in seats and grow the school community.

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