Cokesbury UMC

    Cokesbury UMC

    Cokesbury United Methodist Church wanted to change their image to reflect the new ministry aim of the church, to show God’s Love to EVERYBODY.

    Cube Creative helped rebrand the church with a new Logo that reflected the mission to pull in people from the diverse eastern Charlotte, NC neighborhood - God’s Love + All Colors.

    The website is built upon the Joomla! content management system and links directly to the GSuite (Google Apps) system for maintaining event dates. An interactive slideshow displays enough motion to keep the viewer engaged with shots of the congregation’s life.

    The church volunteers can add sermon audio each week so shut-ins and visitors can hear the message if they missed it on Sunday.

    Memorial Baptist Church

    Memorial Baptist Church

    Memorial Baptist Church is located in Buies Creek, North Carolina - just a stone’s throw from East Carolina University. Being close to a college town provides a unique opportunity to serve a seasonal group of students, while taking care of the local residents and full-time members.

    Memorial needed a website that reflected the weekly services they offer and the opportunities members and students could help support the community through ministries.

    The congregation also has a full-time daycare facility that needed more exposure through search engine optimization for the local area to increase child registrations.

    Cube Creative provided an easy-to-update website that is mobile friendly and is optimized for future search engine optimization and advertising.

    Haywood Christian Academy

    Haywood Christian Academy

    Haywood Christian Academy (HCA) is a private Christian school in Haywood County, North Carolina. The school uses RenWeb for all internal communication with parents and teachers. They needed a mobile-friendly and easy-to-update website that was focused on new families and those seeking a private school for their child.

    Built on the Joomla! platform, the HCA website is easy for the staff to edit pages and add photos as needed. The integrated events calendar syncs with the school’s GSuite system so events can be added through he Google system and appear on the website automatically.

    Cube Creative has the experience to work with faith-based schools and realizes there is a certain expectation of competing with other private and public schools. The school’s website is the first impression most parents will get and it’s important to showcase the best each school has to offer.

    With a small staff and limited budget, faith-based schools websites can be quick and easy to manage, while maintaining a high quality and updated look as the years pass.

    Private Christian School websites should be lady for Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing. To assist, we go beyond just designing a nice website, but can help with marketing your faith-based school on the Internet.

    Living Savior Lutheran Church

    Living Savior Lutheran ChurchAsheville, NC, Living Savior Lutheran Church needed a website overhaul and redesign that would better meet the needs of the congregation and potential visitors. The new website is responsive and easy to use on mobile devices and tablets. It also features new branding, including a new logo and color palette.



    St. Paul Lutheran Church and School

    St Paul LutheranSt. Paul Lutheran Church and School needed a website overhaul and redesign to align with modern web design trends and standards. Cube Creative's reimagining brought the church a mobile-friendly responsive site wireframe and easy user calls to action for high-demand information.