“How much does a new website cost and How long will it take?”

That answer varies based on your project and we are happy to help you through the process of exactly what you need, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. We establish milestones for each part of the process that helps get your design from just a thought to a product and can build projects small and large.


The following is a list of milestones we use to get your project moving:

1. Discovery and planning (2 to 10 weeks)

We work with you in person or remotely to determine exactly what is needed on your site, including the type of site you need, the best structure and CMS for your site, menu items, pages, content, and any other custom additions. You will receive a written estimate and contract, no matter how large or small your project. Using our web project START page will help us gather basic information about your project.

2. Design (2 to 8 weeks)

Based on the information gathered during the discovery phase, we will design a custom site template. You will receive one or more PDF mock-ups of our proposed design of the site for review. Your feedback at this stage will help us build the foundation of your site. Depending on the scale of your project, you may receive mock-ups of internal pages and other aspects of your site for review. At this point, begin sending all site content and photos to us.

3. Content writing and assembly (2 to 15 weeks)

This process usually overlaps with other areas of the process. Great content is important for optimal search engine optimization. If you create your own content, this time is reduced significantly, but we are here to help create great content for your site to help with search engine optimization and readability. We can also transfer content from existing websites and optimize for you.

4. Development and programming (3 to 15 weeks)

Using the approved design, site plan, and site map, the website comes together to produce a high quality website. There is little client involvement at this stage of the project, however, a good portion of the timeline will be required for this stage. If custom web applications are required within the site, the timeline for this phase can stretch even longer.

5. Testing and review (2 to 6 weeks)

Once developed, the site will be tested by us and you. This is where you can share with others involved with the project for feedback in a password-protected location. We make sure the site is working across multiple browsers, platforms, devices, and screen sizes.

6. Site launch and training (1 day to 2 weeks)

This is where your site goes live, replacing your old website. Depending on many factors, this process can take a couple of hour to weeks to complete. You will be trained how to edit your website pages and content. Your site is submitted to the search engines and Google Analytics is setup for tracking visitors, if requested.


Once a site has gone live, there is always room for ongoing improvements and updates.

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