Edit Interactive Slideshows

Edit Interactive Slideshows

SmartSlider3 Slideshow System


Depending on your site setup, you may have one or multiple slidehows appearing across your site. Contact us for direct training on how to edit your specificically designed slideshows. You may also use the tutorials provided by the supplier for help with any feature on SmartSlider3/


Edit a Slideshow

  1. From the administrator menu at the top of the screen, click "Components" and "SmartSlider3."
  2. You will see a listing of slideshows on your site. Hover over the slideshow to edit and click "edit" to open the slideshow editor. Click the image or slide to edit. Click ech element of the slide to edit and click "Save" at the top to save your Slideshow. Click grey "Back" button to go back to the slideshow listing, and press "Back" button again to return to the slidehsow listing.

Visit the SmartSlider3 Tutorial page for detailed instructions.

Tutorial videos

You can find tutorial videos in the Smart Slider playlist on the YouTube Channel.

Slider Settings Basics

Slide Editing Basics