Edit and Article

Edit an Article (Pages)

Edit pages, add images, add links

Edit an Existing Article or Create a New One

  1. From the administrator menu at the top of the screen, click "Content" and "Articles."
  2. Select the existing page to edit (or click green "New" button to create a new article).
  3. In the Content area, edit the content as needed. This is similar to Microsoft Word.
    • Use the editor buttons above the content area to change font, size, and more.
    • **Use the "Format" drop-down to select different headline styles before choosing a new fint size. This will format your headlines similar to other on your site using a style that has already been created for your site.**
  4. When finished, click the "Save and Close" button to save your changes and close the page.

Create a Link

  1. Highlight the text or click the image you wish to add a link.
  2. In the editor, click the "Insert/Edit Link" icon (or right-click and choose the same link).
  3. Insert the URL link in the area "URL" OR click "Menu or Articles" to select a menu item or article already on your website.
    **If you want a page to open in a new window for the user (so they don't leave your site), select "Open in new window" next to "Target" in the window.**
  4. Click "Insert" and the text or image should now be linked. To edit the link, click the link and press the "Insert/Edit Link" button again.

Adding Images

  1. Place your cursor where you want the image.
  2. Click the Image Manager icon in the editor or right-click and select "Insert/Edit Image."
  3. Select an image already in the list (click to change folders as needed) or upload a new image by clicking the Upload Icon. Select your image file.
    • upload-icon.jpg
  4. In most cases, your image will be too large to put directly onto your web page. Click the "Resize" button and change the width to "900." If larger size is needed, try "1200" (full content width) or "2500" (full page width) then click "UPLOAD"

  5. Select your image from the middle column. Add alternate text to help with SEO or describe the image to a visually impaired user.

    • image-manager.jpg
  6. If you would like your text to wrap around your image, choose "Right" or "Left" in the Alignment selection area in the upper area of the window. Add "5" in the Margin to give your image some breating room or leave it blank to have text push right up to the image. Click "Insert" at bottom of the window. You can then resize the image in the page if you need to make smaller. Be sure to save your page.