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Just because you build a website for your school, doesn't mean that parents and students are going to find it, let alone apply or enroll.

That's where SEO, or search engine optimization, comes in. With the right content, user experiences, and website functionality in place, your site can act like a magnet to draw in and engage prospective students, parents, and more.

What do you then do with that increased traffic? How do you nurture your new visitors to give you information needed to walk them through an introduction to your school and admissions process?

This is where content, lead nurturing, and marketing automation come into play. This is Inbound Marketing. We design a process and train you how to use these tools to turn first-time website visitors, into enrollment-ready students and parents.

Take your potential families through the Admissions Lifecycle
We create a school marketing plan that can:

Flywheel Marketing


Earn your people's attention, don't force it. Attract potential new families with useful content and eliminate barriers as they try to learn about your school.


Open relationships, don't just talk about your school. Enable parents to engage with you on their preferred timeline and channels. Talk about thier needs and how your school benefits thier student's needs.

school families

Thier students' success is your success. Shift resources to be more effectively distributed throughout the entire school experience.
Our owner, Adam, wants to tell you and your school board what we do: