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We feel the best way to leverage social media for your business is by using a combination of social posting engagement and running ads/promoted stories that are very targeted to your specific type of customer. Social ads are generally lower cost compared to search engines and we also have greater granular control over who sees them.

MONTHLY PROMOTION OF CONTENT OFFER For each offer, we’ll handle promotion on Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn depending on where your target audience typically interacts with content.

We’ll target the people you want to reach when you need to reach them. With Facebook and Instagram advertising, we can zero-in on people by gender, age, location, preferences, lifestyle, and more. We can also retarget people who have visited your website through these media.

We also create photo-based posts with copy specific to your business and your goals. We’ll customize the delivery channels, ensuring that you reach and engage with the right audience.

Account Creation
We’ll setup and configure your social media accounts.

Website Integration
We’ll integrate your social media with your Cube Creative Wesbite.

Social Advertising
We’ll create and optimize social media ads that get results.

Social Posting
We can post updates to your social networks for you.

Conversion Tracking
We’ll develop and track the ROI of social media campaigns.

We’ll customize your social media pages with your branding.