Getting Exposure Is Hard

It’s not easy getting your business noticed — especially nowadays, with so much competition around. And with over 97% of the consumers going online to find local services, it gets even harder. So how can you rise up and reclaim online supremacy?

You need a great, versatile, and hard-working local SEO team to put you on the digital map! You need to understand what makes a business popular across the internet and how that improves sales. And that’s where we come in! 

Helping your business get the popularity it deserves is our job. Thinking outside the box is not only our motto — it’s our mantra! We use state-of-the-art search engine optimization techniques that are specially tailored to your business. 

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO means tailoring your website and business to achieve a higher ranking in your local search results. A lot of words to describe one simple thing: visibility! In short, Local SEO increases the visibility and credibility of your business for your geographic area. And in our day and age, if you are not online, you can’t be number one.

How Does It Work?

Search engines, like Google, for example, use specific parameters when ranking websites. When you search for something online, Google will tailor the results based on patterns and algorithms. Making your business SEO friendly means understanding those systems and tailoring your localized content. It doesn’t matter if you have the best local business and physical location. If it's not online then people won’t know about it. 

Why Do You Need Local SEO?

97% of customers go online to find local businesses — that’s a lot! Not connecting with those people means creating a gap between potential customers and you. And when that gap gets wider, businesses that are SEO friendly will take over, welcoming those people with open arms. You want to narrow that gap, and optimizing your business is the only way — that’s where Local SEO comes in.

Isn’t It Expensive?

A local SEO campaign usually costs anywhere between $200 and $3,000+ per month. There are many factors that affect the price, such as the industry, location, and target audience. However, the results are more noticeable than with any “regular” marketing campaign. It’s always a good idea to blend local SEO with classic marketing for better visibility. 

Most SEO companies will offer consulting services and price estimations. But we do much more than that. We try to understand your needs and how we can enhance your business without spending more money than necessary. So if you are ready to see how much our local SEO services will cost you, contact us right now.

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What Can Cube Creative Design Do For You?

While optimizing keywords and content is the norm for most SEO companies, we go above and beyond that. We make sure your business grows and evolves without sacrificing quality. Let us handle the hard part!

Local SEO Competitor Analysis

We analyze your competition and adapt our SEO strategy accordingly. Being up to date with similar businesses is important when looking to maintain online relevance.

Google My Business Profile

Having a Google My Business profile is the top priority when looking for online relevance. We make sure your business page is consistent and up to date. This not only helps you on the search engine results pages (SERPs) but also in Google maps.

Local Optimization

Knowing your target audience and how to address it sits at the heart of a successful business. That’s why we make sure to tailor your business marketing strategy around keywords and popular interests in your geographical area.

Local Citations

Local citations represent any mentions of your business information such as name and address and are part of the local search ranking factors. However, verifying and updating that information in all available directories is time-consuming. We not only handle local citations but also improve exposure by maintaining the name, address, and phone consistency across the listings. 

Reputation Management

Visibility means nothing when people don’t know if they can trust your business. We monitor reviews and teach you how to handle both positive and negative ones. 

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The Future Is Online

It doesn’t matter if you are a local business that sells goods or handles services — everything is online. From business information to reviews, people search it online. Adapting your strategy toward online supremacy means embracing the future. You may be great at what you do, but unless it’s on the internet for Google to find,  you are not the best!