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Google Ads Management Service

Google Ads Management Service

At Cube Creative Design, we manage your Google Ads, targeting the keywords that can drive customers to your website and social media. Highly focused keyword research can determine the best cost-effective approach to keeping customers and gaining new ones, whether you are in North Carolina or nearby areas.

Developing Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and using powerful search and data analytics tools, we can meet your target cost per lead or sale. With Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and our reliable team of marketers and analysts, eager buyers and those who need your products or services can find you online.

Creating effective and sustainable campaigns, we at Cube Creative Design can multiply each dollar you invest.

About Google Ads

Google Ads is an outstanding platform that enables marketers like you to use text and multimedia, to reach and entice the right audience. These internet surfers are the leads that can help your business grow.

With proper keyword research and audience targeting, you can be sure the advertisements that you have invested your time and money in will appear on social media platforms and search engine giants.

Need Help Managing Your Google AdWords Campaign?

Today, markets and industries are saturated with service providers. This means that competition is fierce. In your area, you may have four or more business competitors. How will you stand out? 

Creating and optimizing a Google Adwords account is already labor-intensive. This could make many business owners feel overwhelmed. When you have heard about AdWords, have you felt the same way? 

Your industry is now generating more revenue than ever, and you should be at the top of the list of providers in North Carolina. Your business must be seen by the right people so that you can get returns and make every dollar you spend multiply exponentially.

Contact us so that we can start planning for your future success.

Google AdWords Campaign: What We Do

Campaign Management Reporting and Monitoring

Campaign Management Reporting and Monitoring

Every successful sales or marketing campaign starts with predefined goals. It must begin with a unique and creative brief. This ensures that everyone in your marketing team is on the same page. Along the way, daily goal reporting enables you to track vital statistics, like web traffic, lead generation rate, and the number of ad clicks.

Google Ads can drive quality pay-per-click leads and generate sales continuously. However, it can be hard to attain top visibility in a saturated market, while managing ad spending.

Successful PPC campaigns require attentive management. Cube Creative can effectively target your prospects and utilize marketing strategies that can maximize ROI and decrease ad spending.

Our Google Ads management process is executed through an initial phase and optimization setup. These are then followed by assessment, account management, and reporting. For maximum performance and optimal results, we also employ rebranding and remarketing.

Google Ads Campaign Management

As a full-service Google Ads management company. We can manage your advertisement campaigns for enticing social media users and Google surfers. With proper keyword research, we can identify the best leads and opportunities for your brand and business.

For an ad campaign to be effective, the establishment of the proper foundations is required. The incorporation of simple, but eye-catching visuals, and the right usage of search terms are some of the foundations of Google Ads campaigns. When these are combined with competitive digital analytics for spotting trends in your industry, your ad campaign will root on the right soil.

Contrary to what the majority of marketers think, Google Ads is not all about bidding and getting the top search terms on the search engine giant. Google Ads campaign management should be focused on the leads, not on costly marketing plans.

Search engine optimization (SEO) needs prioritization as well because, without it, your Google Ads campaigns will not reach their full potential and will generate limited results.

Offering Conversion-Driven Advertisement Campaigns

Offering Conversion-Driven Advertisement Campaigns

Results drive Cube Creative Design, not vanity metrics. For us, a successful campaign gives you, our clients more leads. Lead conversion bears returns on your expenses. We will stand with you every step of the way, from the start to conversion tracking.

Google ad campaigns shouldn’t be a “set and forget” endeavor. Like taking care of your social media accounts, campaigns need ongoing optimization and monitoring so that they can generate good results. “To prioritize the continuous rise of our clients' profit and lead conversion rate” is our maxim.

Custom Audience Targeting

The Process of Our Google Ads Management

For every campaign we handle, we employ audience targeting. We will consider the interests, location, and age of your prospects. By incorporating the things they want and need in your business ads, we can increase the number of your sales, as well as your brand’s online exposure.

For those who could not be converted with initial attempts, we build remarketing ad campaigns. These, coupled with data analytics, can make people convert. When they need your service or product again, your ad will pop up at the right place and at the right time.

Knowing the Benefits: What We Offer

People and your prospects surf on Google to know what to do and where to find what they’re looking for. Your advertisement will appear on the search engine at the moment when someone is looking for what you offer.

An advertisement with a delectable headline and the right timing can generate many valuable customers. Plus, having timely campaigns will allow you to reap more benefits:

Improve traffic and increase website visits

Improve traffic and increase website visits

With your web traffic growing, you will not only earn high profits, but you can also monetize the other aspects of your website. If you take advantage of such an opportunity, you can also earn through affiliate marketing and social media marketing.

Get more emails and earn from them

Get more emails and earn from them

With more visitors, you can acquire more emails. If your ads can convert them into leads, you will have the chance to ask for their electronic mail addresses. With email marketing, you can further expand your reach. What’s more, you can also sell your email lists.

Set a marketing budget that works for you and your business

Set a marketing budget that works for you and your business

Google ads can work for any advertising budget. With our plans, you can firmly set a budget cap for every month. You can also adjust or pause your spending anytime.

Advertise to the right audience

Advertise to the right audience

This is perhaps the best benefit of Google Ads for your business. With this, you will not waste any dime promoting to people who do not need your brand. This is also the most optimal result of audience targeting.

Manage your business in one platform

Manage your business in one platform

When it comes to internet marketing, you may think that you will have to deal with a lot of things. These could include social media marketing, content marketing, paid advertising, and many more. But, with Google Ads, all of your marketing plans and campaigns can be managed in just one platform.

Serving as both a platform and a marketing tool, Google Ads can help you get the most value out of every impression and be able to provide a better user experience.

Work with our professionals with long track records in Google Ads campaign management services

We only include collaborative and experienced digital marketers in our team. Our Google Ads consultants and Google Ads managers have years of hands-on experience. They possess great knowledge and secret industry insights in Google Ads management. They have worked on different types of ad campaigns across various industries. therefore we can definitely help you and your business with Google Ads.