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The Facebook Advertising Agency for Your Business: Cube Creative Design

With over 1.8 billion daily active users, Facebook is considered one of the biggest marketing platforms on the web. This is why Facebook advertising campaigns can help business owners like you improve lead generation, boost brand awareness, and increase revenue.

However, there are caveats between you and the leads your business needs. No matter how much time and money you spend on your Facebook ads, your posts will still end up with very few likes, comments, and shares if the wrong people see them. Few engagements lead to few sales or even bankruptcy.

Improve Sales and Conversions with Targeted Facebook Ads

It is already hard to come up with winning content. Just imagine yourself doing every step in the marketing process, from researching to chasing leads and keeping them engaged. Cube Creative Design knows the importance of providing delectable web content.

Above all, they prioritize creating and developing meaningful relationships because this should be the core of every social media ad campaign.

With their targeted messages and eye-catching designs, your prospects, the people that can keep your business growing and running, will feel connected to you and your brand. The people behind Cube Creative Design can do that with just a short post and an appealing visual.

Why Do You Need Facebook Advertising?

How can Facebook ad advertising help your business? Facebook advertisements greatly emphasize relationship selling. It involves creating and sharing digital content on the platform, to achieve branding marketing goals, which includes the following:

  • Gain new clients, likers, and followers
  • Enter new niches, markets, and communities
  • Improve pay-per-click campaigns and drive click-throughs
  • Increase profits and sales
  • Build new email lists and reach prospective customers in other states and regions
  • Increase impressions, web traffic, and engagement

Social media platforms, like Facebook, provide various marketing opportunities. They offer online services that facilitate web content sharing and 2-way communication. Posts can include formatted texts, digital media, and P2P documents.

Aside from connecting families and friends, Facebook serves as an excellent medium for online advertising. It is an irreplaceable marketing tool for business owners for improving business exposure, growing brands, and selling services and products.

For leads and prospects, including followers, buyers, and commenters, Facebook is their gateway to the digital world. It enables them to search for places, people, and services. You have to take advantage of that.

How We Can Help You and Your Business

In North Carolina, Cube Creative Design is the preferred agency of a diverse roster of entities, including chiropractors, veterinarians, plumbing companies, and many others. In the Southeastern United States, we have helped many emerging brands grow and prosper.

Providing Facebook advertising customer service, our Facebook ad specialists can deploy end-to-end strategies tailored for your business's unique goals and needs.

Founded in 2005, Cube Creative was established to provide various digital design and marketing services to local businesses. Considered as the best Facebook ad agency in the region, we provide cost-effective advertising, graphics design, and content management services:

Here are some of our offers and services:

Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences

Custom audiences are your high-value prospects. In one way or another, they have interacted with your page or profile in the past. Perhaps, you might have even formed a bond with them.

Our ads specialist can leverage such valuable leads. By delivering compelling and well-timed offers, they can push your prospects to take one step further.

Facebook Ad Retargeting

Facebook Ad Retargeting

Designed to inspire, our retargeting campaigns can make people rediscover what they have liked about your brand. We nurture loyalty. We can give the most appropriate response to comments made by leads. We also incorporate dynamic ads, which can capture the hearts of your loyal followers and prospective customers.

Facebook Ads Spend Management

Facebook Ads Spend Management

Mishandling your capital and marketing budget could result in bankruptcy. This can happen if your business lacks a clear ad campaign. Our team of marketers can make your every dollar count and multiply by refining campaign parameters and setting a reasonable daily and weekly budget.

Advanced Targeting

Advanced Targeting

Our audience selection tools can take your Facebook advertising to a whole new level. We deliver ads with great precision. Before we launch any campaign, we define our client’s prospects first, craft a highly accurate social media persona, and make sure that we address their needs and wants.

Caring AI Bots

Caring AI Bots

Aside from our round-the-clock marketers, we also offer sophisticated messenger bots that can connect with your audience. At first glance, users will not even know that the bots are just AI. Customers hate to be put on hold, according to a HubSpot 2019 study. We do not just use out-of-the-box messenger bots, but we also craft targeted on-hold messages that can convert your leads.



Of course, you need data analytics, even though it can be hard to grasp. That is why we are here. We use analytics tools to visualize how near you are to your goals. By collecting data from the results of the initial tests and your past ad campaigns, we can make more informed decisions. In an easily digestible format, we will present to you our findings and actionable insights.

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads

Today, the World Wide Web is saturated with a myriad of content. The trick to standing out is the use of creative and appealing visual ads with high-quality content. Dynamic product ads allow for the automatic promotion of relevant social media posts.

Our Dedicated Marketing Team Can Get Your Message to the Right Audience

FB advertising presents the opportunity to reach and sell directly to your desired audience. It is available in various formats, like Video, Carousel, Dynamic, and Slideshow. With our Facebook ad marketing services, the right people will see your ads and you can monitor the results daily.

Facebook advertising is fundamental to the attainment of your business goals. Cube Creative can help you grow your brand in a measurable, predictable fashion. We specifically cater to emerging businesses in North Carolina and its nearby areas.

According to HubSpot, Facebook garners over 4 million likes, comments, and other forms of engagements and more than 2 million status updates every minute. The statistics are there, proving that you can reach a myriad of people with your posts. However, bypassing all that noise and preventing your ads from getting buried requires the works of experts.

Allowing you to be on top and staying on top is the role of our Facebook ads specialists. Behind our converting, and advertisements are our strategic and forward-thinking marketers. You can leave your business goals and aspirations at the hands of our experts. From a comfortable position, just watch the likes, comments, and sales come pouring.

Facebook Ad Marketing

Facebook can be the secret ingredient to your marketing campaigns. If done right, Facebook ad marketing could bring in many new leads and sales for your business. You can also use it to expand in other forms of digital marketing, like affiliate and influencer marketing.

Every day, approximately 1.8 billion people use Facebook. In North Carolina, there are approximately 5 million users, and the penetration rate is almost 60%. Facebook is a valuable component of your marketing strategies. For your business, it is as indispensable as your brand’s vision.

By creating rapport with leads, enhancing business visibility, and expanding other forms of digital marketing, Cube Creative Design, a marketing services company, can benefit you, your brand, and your clients.