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Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Email marketing for small business is a great way to build relationships with current and potential clients. Independent and small companies are in a situation to profit from email advertising by creating well-written and engaging newsletters and emails. 

Also, consumers get products and services from companies they trust. With each email you send, the goal is to build trust and awareness among your prospects. 

Best still is if you can create a situation wherein you are top of mind among your target audience with your strategies for email marketing campaigns. 

What are your SMB email marketing strategies, and how do you send emails that convert? Do you have a marketing list that segments your target audience based on demographics, buying behavior, and interest? Do you use such categories in crafting a message that resonates with your target audience? 

The benefits of email marketing are endless. One, it is one of the cheapest marketing platforms to implement. As of this writing, the average return expected from email marketing is $44.25 for every $1 spent. 

We make it easy to set up an email campaign because we do the work for you! But if you want to use our free resources and tools that is an option as well. You can upload your subscribers’ details, segment your lists, use free email templates, and send emails regularly to your target market. 

To stand out with your email marketing, don’t settle with mediocre companies that won’t guarantee you the results that you want to achieve. Always choose the best email marketing providers for small business that have a proven track record of generating leads for their clients. 

Cube Creative Design is one such service. We guarantee that clients only use custom-designed templates that match their brand. We also provide metrics and reports to show how their email marketing campaign has progressed and performed.

We will provide you with the following metrics every time you send an email: 

  • Click-through rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Open rate
  • Conversion rate

We understand that such metrics are key to unlocking the best strategies to use for a successful marketing campaign. 

Cube Creative will work with you through the following stages of successful email marketing campaigns: 

  • Building a foolproof email list.
  • Planning the appropriate types of emails to send. 
  • Email designing and content creation. 
  • Conducting the campaign and evaluating performance. 

To learn more about effective email marketing tactics, contact us here.

Email Marketing for Local Business - How Cube Creative Works for Your Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Local Business:
How Cube Creative Works for Your Email Marketing

Cube Creative consists of professional web developers, content strategists, and graphic designers. Together, we craft the best email marketing campaigns for our clients. 

Our business is focused mainly in North Carolina, although we also serve clients all over the United States. You would be happy that we keep things 100% local if you happen to be running a business in North Carolina.

Everyone in our team, who will be involved in your email marketing, lives and works in North Carolina. 

The advantage is that we are located near you or your business and we are small enough to take care of your email marketing personally.

If you want to know how to utilize email marketing properly to get the most out of it, allow us to show you how it is precisely done. 

Here are some ways our email marketing services can benefit your business. 

Email Marketing for North Carolina Businesses

Bring Value to Your Branding

No matter the type of business, we can craft monthly or weekly emails that add value to your prospects. The goal is not to sell anything here.

The goal is to put your business at the top of your prospects’ minds where you become an authority in your space and have developed trust among your target audience. When it is time that you sell something to your prospects, they will be ready to make a purchase.

Get Feedback From Your Clients

Email your clients to ask them about their thoughts on your products or services. There is a wealth of information available out there. Just ask for it.


Create a higher-ticket item and offer it to your prospects. They already trust you. It will be easy for you to convince them to patronize your brand and make additional purchases. This opportunity could easily be a chance to jack up your revenue.

Regular Offers

You must regularly pitch your products or services to people in your email list. That includes announcements of discounts, time-limited bonuses, and special offers.

Remember to keep your emails engaging, unique, and helpful. Email inboxes are filled with garbage today, so give your recipients something worth reading every time you send them a message. 

Also, Cube Creative Design will monitor your metrics to see the kind of emails that get read and ones that go to the trash. Keep optimizing your techniques and segmenting your lists. 

Start small but stay consistent. At the start, you can send one email per month, but you must also make sure that you send monthly emails without fail. Then, slowly increase the frequency until you find out the “sweet spot” regarding the appropriate number of emails to send. Different businesses have different sweet spots. 

To know more about email marketing metric monitoring, contact us.

Do Not Make These Email Marketing Mistakes

Do Not Make These Email Marketing Mistakes

If done right, email marketing is an effective lead-generating and traffic-driving strategy for small businesses. It is also a great way to connect with and increase brand loyalty among your target audience. 

Here are fatal mistakes you should avoid when email marketing: 

  • Email marketing with no clear goals. 
  • Failing to make your recipients feel welcome. 
  • Adding broken or wrong links
  • Using poor subject lines. 
  • Not keeping your messages concise and straightforward. 
  • Being unfriendly to mobile users.
  • Failing to craft a clear Call to Action
  • Improper execution of A/B testing. 

Avoid these common mistakes businesses commit when email marketing. Also, make sure to pay attention to the quality of your email lists. Sending emails to problematic addresses can harm your sender reputation, which will cause your mails to land in junk frequently. 

Also, avoid spammy practices because certain words or design options in your content can get your emails picked up by spam filters and channeled to the junk folder. 

You can use a spam checker to check your emails before sending them. It will ensure that your deliverability level is healthy so that you do not get flagged by spam filters.  

Why Should You Use Cube Creative Design?

Cube Creative recognizes that email marketing is one of the cost-effective ways to promote products and communicate with prospects. It is one of the best ways to reach your business goals. 

Besides the fact that we use tried-and-tested techniques for our clients, we make sure that: 

We Adjust to Your Budget

We cater to businesses big and small. If you are tight with your budget as you are still a small business, you can be sure that we will customize a marketing plan for you without so much constraint on your budgeting. 

Email Marketing Automation

You also benefit from the advanced automation tools we use for clients. These tools will automate your email marketing campaigns, segment your lists, and deliver personalized content to your audience. 

To know more about why Cube Creative is a leader in the industry, check more details here.

Don’t Delay! Empower Your Email Marketing Today

Don’t Delay! Empower Your Email Marketing Today

If your marketing efforts are not generating results for your small business while wasting a lot of money in the process, it is time to partner with Cube Creative now. 

Do not delay because if you fail to generate leads and lead your target audience to a buying prospect can only result in the demise of your business. 

The important thing is you capture the attention of your target audience and create a personalized message to send through your email marketing campaign. 

If you act now, we can show you how to succeed in email marketing. We can help you build a campaign that: 

Is Highly Targeted

Target your prospects at the different stages of their buying cycle. After your prospects make a purchase, we can also help you retarget the same people with follow-up emails.  

Engages Clients in Real-Time

With our premium email marketing services, you can hit people on the go. Today, many people read emails on their mobile devices. Let us help grow your business with our techniques that target mobile users. 

Is Action-Oriented

You may realize it or not; everyone is trained to do something when they respond to an email. Response-actions include replying, forwarding, clicking through, signing up, or even straight buying. 

Email marketing with Cube Creative allows you to see results right away. With us, you can automate your campaign based on the action triggers of your audience. 

Customize your email marketing with us, contact us to see how we can help! 

Helping Businesses in North Carolina

Cube Creative Design has been serving North Carolina since 2005, and we are happy to work with anyone that has a business here in the Tar Heel State.

Helping Businesses in North Carolina