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Blog Entries and Content

Like optimized website content, high-quality blog posts help to refine your brand, connect to customers and improve search engine rankings. Whether your blog posts act as assets for weekly social media sharing or double as informative sales tools, a blog producing consistently superb copy helps to establish your company as a subject matter expert in your industry.

  • Deeply Researched Blog Content
  • Fully Optimized for Search Engines and Users
  • Custom Designed and Socially Shared

Call to Action & Landing Pages

While anonymous traffic visits are an important indicator of website performance, our focus will be to bring ROI to your marketing efforts by generating qualified leads.

We will:

  • Prompt your website visitors with a premium download that aligns with your target persona’s search habits
  • Coordinate with your team on the offer format and leverage your industry expertise to produce it
  • Examples of offers include: a whitepaper, a tip sheet, an infographic, an E-Book, webinar coordination, trade show or event promotion, etc.
  • For each offer, we’ll handle promotion on Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn depending on where your target audience typically interacts with content.

Pop-up Conversion Path

Visitors will be asked to complete a short form before downloading your offer.

We will:

  • Determine appropriate pages for your pop-up offer
  • Gather data for your sales team by creating a custom form for your offer
  • Implement a relevant thank you message after the offer is downloaded

Resource Library Management
As we release new content offers, we’ll also house them in a central resources library on your website.