Mountain Air Mechanical

Mountain Air Mechanical is full-service HVAC repair and installation company based in Asheville, North Carolina. The heating and air conditioning industry is saturated in the area, with as many as 20 companies servicing the same area as Mountain Air Mechanical.

Where They Were

When Cube Creative started this project, Mountain Air Mechanical ranked low for the keywords determined to be most relevant. Keywords included (but not limited to):

  • Air conditioning repair asheville nc
  • Heating repair asheville nc
  • Hvac repair asheville nc
  • Hvac installation asheville nc
  • Why is my air conditioning so loud

Per our metrics, the web pages scored poorly for optimization.

Overall search visibility hovered around 7%.

Many keywords did not rank on pages 1-3.

There were few website visits or contact form leads from organic searches results.

What We Did

Cube Creative made changes to technical SEO components (meta data, image alt tags, title tags, etc.). These changes led to immediate improvement in SEO grades.

Page Optimization Score (Before):

optimization score before barlow plumbing 2

asheville hvac

Mountain Air Mechanical Contractors -
Asheville Heating and Cooling

Page Optimization Score (After):

optimization score after mountain air 2

asheville hvac

Asheville Heating and Air, Asheville HVAC
Mountain Air Mechanical

We created a content plan and began blogging regularly,in addition to publishing landing pages with content specific to towns and communities in the Asheville area. Blog content targeted keywords, but it remained readable and relevant for Google’s users.

We continued to monitor technical SEO and make adjustments.

Where They Are Now

Throughout the process, Cube Creative saw steady results. Keyword rankings began to improve almost immediately. Following the keyword improvements, the website gained increased visits and generated more leads.

Overall Search Visibility: Overall visibility has improved by approximately 20%.

Keyword Rankings: Nine keywords we are tracking, regional and national, have moved to positions 1-3, and 14 additional keywords rank 4-10.

Website Visits: Overall visits have improved by almost 30% since the beginning of the campaign. Total visits are between 150 and 250 per month.

Visits from Google: Website visits resulting from Google searches have improved approximately 850% since the beginning of the campaign, accounting for upwards of 80-90% of the total traffic to the site.

Website Inquiries: There were no website inquiries until the campaign began. Since the campaign, there have been 91 submissions.

Ultimately, the goal of SEO campaigns is to improve the exposure of the company on search engines. We have achieved this with Mountain Air Mechanical.

Visits from Organic Search

seo graph mountain air


KeywordRankPosition From Start
why does my heater smell asheville nc #1  50+
asheville heating and cooling #5  4
asheville mechanical contractors #1  4
mountain air heating #2  3
heating and air contractors asheville nc #3  3
air conditioning repair western north carolina #11  2
healing repair western north carolina #14  2
hendersonville nc heating and air #10  2
mountain air asheville nc #1  2
asheville air conditioning contractors #8  1
mountain air conditioning and heating #6  1