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Once you’ve taken your cup of kindness yet for auld lang syne, you’ll probably want to start looking forward to what 2016 has in store – not only for your waistline or your wallet, but also for your business or organization.

Websites have come a long way in the past few years, and creating or updating your online presence can seem intimidating. Let’s take a look back at 2015’s top tips that will get you started on the right foot in 2016.

Written by:  |  December 28, 2015

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The giving season is upon us, and as marketing campaigns boost the idea of Giving Tuesday, many non-profit organizations may be asking how to make it easier on their donors to contribute. Most non-profit organizations have two main purposes for a website: raise awareness for their cause and solicit for donor support. Most websites do a great job on the former point, but often struggle with the latter.

Written by:  |  December 1, 2015

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Who doesn’t have a Gmail account? Google’s popular email service is no longer only for personal email. The folks at Google offer Google Apps, which gives you all the features of Gmail, but with your own domain name.

Huh? So imagine I have a pet sitting service called See Spot Sit, and I use a Gmail account to handle all communications for this pet sitting service business. Perhaps the email is something like SeeSpotSit@gmail.com. My business picks up and I now have a super awesome website, SeeSpotSit.com. I want to look really legit, and I hear that using email from my domain name can help me gain that legitimacy. Adding email through my web site hosting service can be, frankly, ghetto. Email services are typically an afterthought for many web hosting companies. So I sign up for Google Apps for Business. Now I can have email accounts like YoDawg@SeeSpotSit.com or LeashLover@SeeSpotSit.com, and they all run with the same gears and cogs that power Gmail.

Written by:  |  November 19, 2015

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Perhaps the most important piece of real estate you can own is your domain name. It is the address at which every potential customer will find you, and it can have huge implications on your marketing strategy.

Written by:  |  November 3, 2015