What Is PPC Management? And Does Your SMB Need It?

What Is PPC Management? And Does Your SMB Need It?

September 19, 2022
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Pay-Per-Click Management, or PPC management as it is often called, is the process of organizing and running a company’s Pay Per Click strategy and ad spending to maximize the business’s return on investment (ROI).

Not to answer the burning question of “What is PPC Campaign Management?” First off, it is one of the best ways for small businesses like yours to increase their ROI. Secondly, anyone with a considerable amount of experience with pay-per-click campaign management will tell you that the ideal strategy out there is to maximize your exposure while optimizing your expenses. There are several ways to achieve this, but, again, those who are more experienced in the craft would tell you that a consolidated approach works best here.

When it comes to Pay-Per-Click (PPC), that means one must optimize the number of conversions they have with every engagement that they get. This can be made possible through Pay Per Click Management. How this approach is performed is not exactly that difficult or convoluted. You might be surprised at how a few adjustments in your overall social media strategy through this approach can yield maximum benefits for your company.

What Is PPC Management?

To answer the question “what is PPC management?”, we must first establish what PPC is. The Pay-Per-Click model is a model of internet marketing which measures how much advertisers have to pay for every person that clicks through their ads.

With the PPC model, advertisers essentially “buy” their website traffic instead of letting it grow organically. It’s not cheating or unfair since paid ads are marked as so in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and set aside from the conventional search rankings.

Management of the PPC, then, is the employment of various tactics and campaigns to ensure that the costs for a company’s internet advertising efforts are not needlessly large while their profit potential is maximized. In other words, it is about using the right assets and tactics to make the most bang out of whatever buck you spent for your internet marketing campaigns.

As to who does the PPC managing efforts, that depends truly on the company. Some companies do it in-house with their own marketing team. Others, however, would employ a digital marketing agency that specializes in such to either handle projects on their own or collaborate with an in-house team.

Whatever the case, the goal of managing PPC is always creating campaigns that maximize the pay-per-click profit while also keeping expenses down at reasonable levels.

Why Is PPC Management Important?

The importance of managing pay-per-click lies solely in PPC itself. Many companies and small businesses actually do not even understand what PPC can bring to the table. Here are some reasons you should invest in PPC:

PPC Ads Are Cost Effective

The biggest mistake with PPC is that it is expensive without the assurance of profit. The truth is that any marketing model will end up costing you more if you are not careful in its utilization. With a PPC campaign manager, you can scale your costs according to your marketing scope and budget while also dealing with the cost-per-click (CPC) ratio.

PPC Ads Can Quickly Target Visitors

What you need to be successful with internet marketing is not just simple traffic but targeted traffic. SEO can help you build this one up, but it takes time. With PPC, you can define the target demographic of your campaigns so that they always reach the right audience at the proper time. For instance, if you run a computer repair shop, you can set your paid ads to pop up only at searches related to PC repairs and customization. With one setup, you can quickly define who your target audience is.

This way, the bulk of the traffic coming to your site comes from people who know that you have the solution they are looking for but just need a little bit more convincing before they finally convert into customers.

PPC Ad Works Well with Other Marketing Tactics

Professional PPC management services know that this model is best used in tandem with other marketing strategies. For example, PPC can provide you with what keywords to use to maximize your gains with search ad campaigns and SEO.

Alternatively, PPC allows for strengthened email subscriptions, which expands the reach of your email marketing campaigns. And companies that have a mobile app can use PPC to get more people to download their program and expose them to more targeted campaigns later on.

All in all, PPCs can bring a lot of advantages to companies willing enough to employ them. It is up to the PPC management professional to make sure that the costs do not in any way affect the bottom line negatively.

What Does PPC Management Include?

Pay per click campaign management does not involve only one process but several. It will not matter if you have this done in-house or with a third party. Managing PPCs will always include the following:

  1. Keyword Analysis: This will involve figuring out what specific set of keywords are being used in the search queries made by the target audience. The keywords do not have to match the queries 100% but only that they contain the right phrases that search bots can pick up in answering one.
  2. Channel Targeting” Here, the PPC team will try to determine which channels should be used for PPC advertising. Some sites best used for PPC campaigns include Google Ads, Bing Ads, paid social media posts and placements, affiliate networks like blogs, and other similar platforms.
  3. Competitive Analysis: A bulk of PPC management’s efforts would also include looking out for what other companies are using for their PPC marketing. What keywords are they using? What strategies worked for them? This is rather time-consuming as the company has to decide for itself whether they want to go where the competition is thriving or tap into markets that the latter has yet to consider.
  4. Landing Page Creation: All of your PPC campaign’s efforts will be for nothing if your landing page is not up to par. A good impression of the landing page is only possible with a solid and modern site design, responsive layout, fast loading speed, and overall smooth navigation from page to page. The professional PPC management team can do this if they have the coding skills, but it’s best done in collaboration with a site design professional.
  5. Campaign Monitoring: Once a campaign has been released, the team can then monitor how it is being received in real-time. The key performance indicator is that there will be an increase in both site traffic and conversions. Whatever results are yielded will mold all future PPC marketing efforts from the company.
  6. PPC Testing: One of the core goals of PPC advertising management is increasing ROI while optimizing the budget. Testing does exactly that by running a series of simulations on the campaign to see how the public will react to it. Depending on the results, the team can make adjustments to key components of the campaign like visuals, text, tone, ad extensions, title, and other variables. The premise here is to make the best possible version of the campaign before it is sent out to the public.

Should I Hire a PPC Management Company?

Without a doubt, your primary or sole concern with PPCs is cost. A lot of companies are uncomfortable with the idea of paying extra for experts to do something that can be done in-house. But sound pay-per-click management can pay for itself by optimizing the efficiencies of your campaigns. This can be done by keeping the budget to a minimum and still making sure that the campaigns reach their goals or, better yet, go beyond them.

More often than not, you are better off hiring someone else to do the management of your PPC ads under the following circumstances:

You Need Someone Who Specializes in PPC Ads

If your company just recently embraced interment marketing, you might still have a long way to go to get adjusted to the new playing field. This is most often the case with a small business that just expanded its scope to accommodate people from beyond their local markets.

So, it makes the most sense to look for someone who knows what they are doing. An expert can save you a lot of time and effort by figuring things out for yourself.

You Need Someone to Monitor Everything

Monitoring is crucial to managing PPCs. The problem with monitoring is that it is time-consuming. You are better off letting someone else do this for you instead of taking people from whatever project they are on just to focus on this.

You Want to Be Competitive

The direct result of effective PPC campaign management is that you will know where to focus most of your energies to get the most out of your budget. Every aspect of your internet marketing campaign can be improved to yield the best possible level of site traffic that can ultimately lead to an increase in sales.

You Want to Focus on Something Else That Is Important for the Company

Since you no longer have to focus on making your ads target the right people, you can now invest more time in improving the company.

Final Thoughts

In all cases mentioned above, someone who knows how to manage pay per click can be the better option due to their experience and access to the necessary tools and database. And they are not that expensive when compared to other professional marketing services. Their expertise can take this sizable load off your company’s plate and still ensure the best possible returns for every campaign you publish.

Of course, you can only get the best possible results if you hire the right people for the task. When it comes to PPC ad management, there are quite a handful of good options in the market right now. Take the time to do your research and ask around. In time, you should find a good professional PPC management service to handle this aspect of your internet marketing efforts.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by PPC advertising management? No worries! Partner with a PPC company like Cube Creative Design! Reach out to me today for a no-obligation consultation to see if PPC ads are suitable for you and your small business.

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