Top 5 Ways to Improve Client Satisfaction with Better Content

Top 5 Ways to Improve Client Satisfaction with Better Content

June 13, 2022
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Business performance determines the level of your clients’ happiness. Thus, client satisfaction is undoubtedly one of the most critical components in all the content marketing campaigns you will launch. 

When developing content, the main focus should be on how to ensure that your target clients’ experience with your brand will always be positive. Even if you offer competitively priced, high-quality products and services, your plan will get you nowhere if you fail to both inform and delight your audience. 

Everyone will agree that a happy and satisfied client will be good for the company’s bottom line. Recently SuperOffice surveyed nearly 2000 businesses and found that over 45% of them said one of their top objectives for the next five years is to improve the client experience. 

The first step in enhancing the satisfaction level among your clients is to identify the major factors that influence their happiness. Their expectations ideally should not only be met but exceeded in terms of communication, ease, and other important factors are taken into consideration when launching marketing campaigns and creating content. 

5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Clients’ Satisfaction

A sound content marketing strategy is crucial for enhancing client confidence and loyalty to your company’s products and services. It also promotes healthy word-of-mouth advertising that helps rake in new clients. So, as a small business, what can you do to ensure that your clients are happy? To help get you on the right track, here are five suggestions:

1. Boost Your Client Responsiveness.

In recent years, client communication has been crucial in the client success strategy of any company. Communication between the company and its clients can happen via social media, chat boxes, or email. 

Clients are more pleased with a company that replies to their questions, addresses their complaints, and listens to their remarks as soon as they are received. 

It may seem like unnecessary pressure for a small business to keep up with their clients’ queries. However, quickly responding to your clients is one way to make you stand out from among your competitors.

To speed up the pace and quality of your responses, conduct a poll among your existing customers, then ask them how they prefer to be contacted. Some may prefer getting in touch via social media instead of email. Or they may find interacting with a chatbot more convenient. 

The possible concerns or questions that your existing or prospective clients may pose can also be used to determine how you can design and craft your automated answers. This will allow your support staff to save some time. 

We have an article to help you find out if chatbots are suitable for your business

2. Focus on Creating Content for Client Support

If your goal is to improve the level of your clients’ satisfaction, one important component to include in your content strategy is the creation of more content and material to help assist your clients. These support materials will provide your clients with the answers and information on common concerns and frequently asked questions (FAQ). 

The content must be simple and clear and address the demands and concerns of your clients. This will give them a better experience, but it will also benefit your business. 

For one, your staff will not spend time unnecessarily in fielding the same queries over and over again. Clients can simply refer to your website’s web pages and articles if they want or need clarification.

At Cube Creative Design, you can trust us to help you come up with the appropriate support materials that will enhance your clients’ experience and boost their satisfaction levels.

3. Ensure a User-Friendly Design for Your Website

While coming up with a user-friendly website may seem to be a given and common knowledge, there are actually several major components to consider to create one successfully. Failing to meet even one will put the effectiveness of your design in jeopardy.

It is also important not to neglect the quality of writing for your articles and web pages. It can be said that a satisfactory client experience can be achieved through the right combination of content and design.

Following are the major factors to consider to ensure a successful website design.

Simple and Easy Navigation

By providing your clients and site visitors with straightforward website navigation, they can easily and quickly get to the particular information they need. 

At Cube Creative Design, we believe that the menus should be found at the top of the web page, complete with descriptive titles that tell the user what they are and are not merely indicative of your internal naming convention. 

Make your Call-to-Action quite obvious. It should tell your visitors and clients what they must do to get your products and avail of your services and how they can get in touch with you.

Mobile Optimization

Another important component of website design and development is making sure that the website and its navigation not only looks good on desktops but also must be mobile-friendly. 

When everything looks and works well on mobile, your site visitors will have a more convenient time looking for the information they need. Mobile optimization likewise involves creating content for the mobile audience. The content must be eye-catching and skimmable as users scroll down the pages.

FAQ Page

It is important that your website has a dedicated FAQ page where your clients can find solutions to common concerns and the most often asked questions. Take note of the questions directed to you, and create a page that will address these frequently mentioned topics.

Site Security

Today, most clients are putting a lot of premium on cybersecurity. They are more likely to choose and recommend brands with secure websites that protect their personal data. Some clients are even prepared to shift providers or shell out more money just to enjoy a more secure service.

Ensuring online security will give your company a competitive edge. Having the appropriate material may help incorporate it into your brand’s story. 

Quality Content for Happy Clients

The attention and time you spend on creating a content marketing strategy that gives priority to client experience will provide benefits in terms of your business growth and sales.

Consumer satisfaction is a proven marketing technique that helps encourage clients to come back and spread the good word about your business. However, before that can be possible, you should first come up with content that reflects your brand well.

4. Maintain Proper Customer Service Etiquette

According to a report from Global State, around 62% of consumers around the world stated that they stopped doing business with brands after experiencing poor customer service. All businesses must have ground rules for how they communicate with their clients. This will help improve customer satisfaction, as well as long-term relationships with clients. 

You must educate and train your staff on how they should communicate and interact with customers to ensure that clients are provided with excellent customer service. Following are some tips on customer satisfaction that you can do:

Use Positive Words and Phrases

When interacting with clients, the words you choose will determine the impression it will create. By simply using the right words, you can get the customers to your side. Using words and phrases like “you’re welcome” and “my apologies” or something similar will help. 

Actively Listen to Your Customers

By listening to your clients, you are already showing your willingness to help and serve them. Actively listening to what they have to say also helps you determine what is on their minds – their opinions, feedback, what they want, and more. 

Offer Gratitude

A sincere word of appreciation or thank you will do a lot to your customers’ impression of your business. Train your customer support staff to make it a point to offer appreciation after every conversation they handle. This is a core customer service etiquette principle.

Maintain Transparency

You must always provide only authentic information about your services and products to avoid any confusion in the future. Make sure not to make any fake commitments or set unrealistic customer expectations. These will only break their confidence and trust in your brand. 

5. Help Your Clients Help Themselves.

Self-service support can serve as an effective alternative method to fill the customer service gap. According to research, around 40% of all consumers prefer the self-service approach over human contact.

In most cases, self-service support can be set up in the form of videos, user forums, and comprehensive knowledge bases, among others. The goal of self-service portals is to enhance team productivity. By deploying an information hub, you allow your customers to help and educate themselves at their own pace and terms.

How the Self-Service Approach Can Effectively Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • The self-service option will allow your clients to actively search for the specific information they require without waiting and being placed on hold, as with traditional methods.
  • Self-service equates to more satisfied customers as it provides them with options to solve their problems easier and faster.
  • Clients can get pro tips to enjoy the best value out of the products, hear about product upgrades, and get newer versions or upgrades.
  • Users can share feedback about the products and services that will give you the opportunity for improvements. 
  • Self-service is available 24/7. Clients don’t have to wait for your support team to start getting solutions to their concerns.

Final Thoughts

Don’t you think it’s time to choose high-quality content to start growing your client base? If yes, allow us at Cube Creative to help address all your content creation requirements – from design to videos to content writing.

Contact us to learn how we can help and for a free consultation. Let us show you how we can be the right fit for your business. 

Adam Bennett

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Adam is the president and founder of Cube Creative Design and specializes in private school marketing. Since starting the business in 2005, he has created individual relationships with clients in Western North Carolina and across the United States. He places great value on the needs, expectations, and goals of the client.

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