Three reasons to keep your Joomla or Wordpress website upgraded

Three reasons to keep your Joomla or Wordpress website upgraded

July 20, 2018
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Content Management Systems (CMS) are programs on which most websites run. This is special software that lets you edit pages and add content with very little technical knowledge. Using these programs comes at a price. While keeping the current version of a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla seems like the easier route, keeping outdated software comes with some risks.

Increase Security and Discourage Hackers

Just like programs on your computer, your CMS is susceptible to being hacked if not properly maintained. That would allow a third party to change the content of your site or use your web server for spam-like activities like spreading viruses for phishing scams. Keeping the software upgraded ensures your site has the latest security patches offered for your CMS program, keeping your data safe.

Upgraded Features

Your CMS enhances features available with each new version that can benefit how you maintain your site. While sometimes these updates change how you update certain parts of your site, most changes have been tested to be better overall for the future of the web. Many third-party software suppliers need new functionality in the core of the CMS to add new features that may benefit you immediately and in the future. Upgrading will also help keep the third-party components more secure. Upgrading will also keep your CMS up to date on search engines trends, which helps you keep your site ready to be indexed.

Speed and Reliability

Newer software usually delivers faster, more efficient code that reduces instances of crashes and creates an overall better experience for visitors and site administrators. The CMS communities are adding new ways to speed up websites every day, and the best methods are implemented into CMS updates. These are essential for your website's future growth.

The longer you leave a site on an older software version, the longer the process will take in the future to upgrade. Sometimes older software reaches a point where it cannot be upgraded effectively and must be migrated.

Cube Creative automatically monitors and keeps all hosted sites updated to the latest tested versions of CMS software. All third-party plugins and components are checked and tested to run as expected after the upgrade.

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