Let’s face it, utilizing social media to help bring in new clients and retain your current ones can be quite the balancing act. Your small business is missing out on a vast client base without any online presence. However, a company that overwhelms readers with too many posts may lose clients. What is the greatest way to engage your social media audience without having them unfriend you?

In many respects, you can cultivate a social media following by emulating the relationships that work in real life. Consider a networking event: would you prefer to meet with someone who engages you in a nice discussion about your field or someone who spends every breath attempting to sell you something? Your business can keep clients interested and engaged by cultivating a friendly rapport with your audience on social media. Instead of just “talking at” them, having a conversation with your audience can go a long way.  

Remember: you’re trying to reach your ideal clientele, many of whom live and breathe on social media. Posting compulsive, share-worthy content on the appropriate channels can only help grow your business. And when in doubt, pictures of puppies, kids, and cats are probably a good idea. It is the Internet, after all.

Here are the top seven social media marketing rules for local small businesses:

Loni Miller

Written by:  |  June 6, 2022

Loni is our social media manager. She enjoys creating engaging content for social media to help small businesses grow their online presence. She has extensive knowledge of social media platforms and what works on each.