Let's face it; if your 2022 plans were to go back to “pre-pandemic normal” methods of marketing your private school, such as bragging about student-to-teacher ratios and strategies in educating the whole child, then you need to evaluate your thinking. 

Frankly, your private school is under a new microscope. COVID wasn’t like throwing a rock in a pond and waiting for the ripples to dissipate. It has been and is more like a hurricane that keeps battering the fragile outer banks’ coastline. 

The communications and school marketing strategies that used to work for your school didn’t work in 2021; they won’t be working in 2022 and beyond. As I mentioned previously, the landscape has completely changed. Your ideas must be modified, reimagined, or even abandoned to accommodate today's families' expectations.

Here are seven ideas of how to market a private school.  

Adam Bennett

Written by:  |  January 3, 2022

Adam is the president and founder of Cube Creative Design. Since starting the business in 2005, he has created individual relationships with clients in Western North Carolina. He places great value on the needs, expectations, and goals of the client.

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