On-page SEO is one of the most important ranking factors in Google's algorithm. Knowing how to optimize your content and considering a few factors before posting can save you a lot of time, frustration, and money. On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing your content on a website. Optimizing your content includes many factors. Today, we will discuss the top on page SEO tips you need to know to properly optimize your site and improve search visibility.

Chad Treadway

Written by:  |  October 2, 2023

Chad is a Partner and our Chief Smarketing Officer. He will help you survey your small business needs, educating you on your options before suggesting any solution. Chad is passionate about rural marketing in the United States and North Carolina. He also has several certifications through HubSpot to better assist you with your internet and inbound marketing.

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Alt text, also known as “alternative text,” is a fundamental element of web accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO) that you cannot overlook.

Alt text helps make websites more inclusive and user-friendly and has a significant role in SEO. This post explores a brief history of alt text, its impact on web accessibility, SEO, user experience, and best practices in using them.

Adam Bennett

Written by:  |  September 22, 2023

Adam is the president and founder of Cube Creative Design and specializes in private school marketing. Since starting the business in 2005, he has created individual relationships with clients in Western North Carolina and across the United States. He places great value on the needs, expectations, and goals of the client.

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