In August 2018, Google revealed a new algorithm upgrade dubbed the Medic Update, which focused a lot on E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness). E-A-T is one of Google's top five ranking indicators to evaluate page content, according to their Search Quality Rater Guidelines (QRG). E-A-T is so significant that it is cited over 185 times in the QRG.

Google has stated that the focus for websites should be on creating unique content and providing an excellent overall user experience. Google has previously said that relevant content, good E-A-T, mobile friendliness, and a fast page load time (less than 2 seconds) are required for websites to obtain better ranks.

Google’s algorithm is updated on a nearly daily basis. They also provide Core Updates numerous times a year. Thanks to AI and machine learning, Google can now rank material based on its quality requirements.

To rank your private school’s website content in Google, you have to focus on getting into the minds of your target audience (parents), thinking about the questions they want to be addressed and the intent behind their search.

Here are seven strategies to demonstrate E-A-T and increase the visibility of your school's content in Google searches.

Adam Bennett

Written by:  |  January 2, 2023

Adam is the president and founder of Cube Creative Design and specializes in private school marketing. Since starting the business in 2005, he has created individual relationships with clients in Western North Carolina and across the United States. He places great value on the needs, expectations, and goals of the client.

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You might be wondering, am I hungry? Why else would I be talking about EATing?

Well, if you are hungry to grow your business, focusing on your E-A-T will help you!

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness and is what the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) look at to determine help your web page’s quality.

E-A-T is critical because the higher the quality of your web page, the more likely it will show in search results and attract more visitors and traffic.

So let’s break it down. What exactly is E-A-T, and how can you prove to Google that your site has it?

Chad Treadway

Written by:  |  July 13, 2022

Chad is a Partner and our Chief Smarketing Officer. He will help you survey your small business needs, educating you on your options before suggesting any solution. Chad is passionate about rural marketing in the United States and North Carolina. He also has several certifications through HubSpot to better assist you with your internet and inbound marketing.

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