I will be the first to admit that in the web and online marketing space, we love our acronyms and abbreviations almost as much as the military and big business. With that being said, what the heck is a CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. 

It is a database that is used to keep track of client actions, leads, and sales opportunities. Logging this critical information gives insights to your sales, marketing, customer support, and financial teams or simply allows you to help keep track of everything and adjust interactions to improve your client relationships.

CRM software is frequently confused with comparable business programs such as content management system (CMS) or customer data platform (CDP) software. CMS software is used to create and publish website content. CDP software gathers consumer data from many sources, such as web forms and social media accounts, in order to evaluate and anticipate customer behavior.

Chad Treadway

Written by:  |  August 25, 2021

Chad is our business development manager. He will help you survey your business needs, ensuring you are educated on your options before suggesting any solution. Chad also has several certifications through HubSpot to better assist you with your internet and inbound marketing.

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