Social Media Marketing Tips for Local Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing Tips for Local Small Businesses

May 30, 2022
(Reading time: 5 - 9 minutes)

How important is local business social media marketing?

What can local businesses derive from it? Is it worth the effort and money to spend on it? 

If social media marketing for local businesses is effective, what are the specific benefits local business owners can get from it? Also, what are the best strategies to implement it? 

Local social media marketing is the same as general social media marketing. However, the focus is on the local area or region where your business is located and the local audience.

Although big companies may use local social media marketing to target local audiences, the platform is designed primarily to give smaller businesses a chance to capture local clients looking for products and services from businesses nearest to them.

Nowadays, social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, allow businesses to do local targeting to serve local clients better. 

With these new opportunities at your disposal, you can use social media to target local audiences and generate fast results for

Using social media local business strategies, you can focus your efforts on the people that matter to your business and not waste resources on people who don’t.

How Can Cube Creative Design Help Your Business Grow Using Social Media

Social media marketing agencies aim to make it easier for businesses to distribute information on social media so that their target audience can easily find them on the platform. 

That is also how our agency helps businesses. We build strategies and content that can help capture their target audience wherever they are on social media. 

With the help of our team of experts, you can increase the presence of your business online to drive traffic to your website from your social media engagement. 

The trick is to make your business stand out by building a brilliant social media and SEO marketing strategy. Remember, we can help you build a customized social media plan that works with your type of business. 

If you run a veterinary clinic, we can help build content and strategy that attracts pet owners in your locality. 

For instance, we can help you create Facebook and Instagram business pages. 

These social media pages are where you can post pictures about the great experiences pet owners have in your establishment and how much you love working with pet owners to ensure the best health and wellbeing for their pets. 

If you run a spa or pharmacy, you can go for Google Ads or SEO, which can be effective for promotion as these are healthcare-related businesses. We have the necessary tools to help you implement these online marketing strategies. 

That goes the same with HVAC services and their clients, chiropractors, automotive repair shops, and local cleaning agencies. 

Here are the steps to get you started in social media marketing for your business:

  • Identify your target audience. Then know the social media platforms they use the most. Engage with your audience as much as possible on these platforms. Also, study your competitors in business. They can help you identify better the audience you should be targeting by their content and to who their content is directed. 
  • Follow the current social media marketing trends and use them now. For example, use short-form vertical videos. Other trends are augmented reality and virtual reality.  
  • Build quality content and share it on social media platforms. That will help you build brand awareness and engagement. Quality content is anything that adds value to your target audience. 
  • Engage with your social media audience as much as you can. Ask happy clients to write something about your excellent services and their experience. 
  • List your business on Google Business Profile (GBP) with all the details and information required. Then connect your GBP listing with your social media accounts. 

In today’s digital world, it is necessary to compete and attract potential clients online to increase the reach of your business. 

Besides social media marketing and GBP, other strategies to promote your business online are guest posting, blog commenting, link building, and influencer marketing.  

If you have questions about these other online strategies and how you can connect these platforms with your social media marketing, Cube Creative can help. We can help you maximize your digital marketing efforts to deliver optimum results.  

Why Do Small Local Businesses Need Social Media Marketing? 

Interacting with consumers on social media is vital in every marketing strategy for small businesses nowadays. That is especially true for business locations where many people use these platforms for entertainment, communication, and intent to purchase products and services.

In particular, social media marketing helps build brand awareness, increase your client base, and connect you with your existing clients.

Other reasons for how social media marketing is vital for small local businesses include: 

It Helps Build Your Website Traffic 

Create your profile on different social platforms. Then, create compelling and relevant content to share with your target audience. 

Make sure to provide it every time you share your content consisting of videos, posts, and images. This way, people will share your content, ultimately boosting traffic to your website. 

It Helps to Maintain Good Client Relationships

When you start engaging with your audience on social media, you can impress on them how good you are at client relationships. 

Quickly respond to them when they have questions or concerns. Facebook and Twitter are great platforms for responding to concerns and questions swiftly. 

Social media helps create an environment that allows clients to connect with companies easily. Such an environment for easy engagement was not present prior to the creation of these platforms. 

Building Your Social Media Presence Will Help You Widen Your Reach

The key is to create engaging, relevant, and helpful content for your social media audience to consume. 

Also, be consistent with your posts, interact with your followers, and choose the niche where you can show your expertise. Stick to a particular topic that you can confidently talk about and target people with the same interest.

Avoid These Marketing Mistakes When Using Social Media

There are common social media marketing mistakes that marketers make. You need to be aware of them to avoid committing them yourself. Here are some of those mistakes:  

Not Using an Ideal Social Media Marketing Strategy

The right strategy is to give the utmost value to the social media platform when strategizing for it. That means you do not only post content on social media haphazardly or without carefully thinking about it.

The ideal approach is to have a clearly defined goal that ensures your content will reach the right audience when they need it. 

Create relevant content for your audience and make it available to them when they need it.

Focusing on Vanity Metrics

It is for the benefit of your business for you to try your best to increase the number of your social media followers using any methods that work for you. However, it is easy to get caught up in numbers that do not matter much to your business.

Remember, you are growing a business and not out there to beat others in a popularity contest. So, focus less on the “likes” and give more importance to engagement and generating revenues.

Consider foremost the things that interest your audience and use content that can best attract your ideal client. 

Not Using Automation Tools for Generating Content

Many tools can help you schedule postings of your content, and not using any of them means that you need to post at similar times per week or per month. The disadvantage is you will potentially miss out on capturing other traffic.

Automation is also one of the best tricks to use for batching content. It is a quick and easy way to batch ten tweets or posts all at once at the start of the day than to go ten times to Twitter and come up with a new idea to tweet each time.

Treating All Social Platforms the Same

Each social platform is different, and depending on a number of factors, you must select the best social channel that will enable you to reach your target audience.

For instance, according to Statista, 25.4% of American Facebook users are in the age range of 25 – 34 and 10.4% are senior Americans aged 65 years old and above.

Statistic: Share of Facebook users in the United States as of March 2022, by age group

Source: Share of Facebook users in the United States as of March 2022, by age group | Statista

If you sell mobility products for the aging population, the 10.4% figure above can matter big time to your business. If yes, you should consider targeting senior users on the Facebook platform.

Remember, the data about seniors who use social media vary significantly, depending on the platform.

Counterattacking Negative Feedback to Try to Defend Your Business

If your clients leave harsh comments on your social media account reviews, always remind yourself that it is not the end.

Never delete any negative comments that you receive or shut them up. Instead, be calm and show the flip side of the situation. Then, solve the issue at hand and promise them that you will correct the problem immediately.

Whatever happens, make sure you have tried your best to convert complaining clients into happy and buying clients.

Why Cube Creative Design

Why should you choose Cube Creative to help you with your social media for local businesses marketing planning and implementation? We have the right people with the best expertise and experience to help and guide you and we prioritize your goals in our approach.

Grow Your Business in North Carolina 

Cube Creative serves local businesses throughout the US to empower their social media marketing campaigns, but our area of focus now is businesses located in North Carolina. 

Let Cube Creative show you how you can propel business growth with our premium social media marketing services. Contact us today to get started!