Review of 6 Simple Steps to Build a Culture that's Obsessed with Customer Feedback

August 10, 2018

Did you know that only 11% of large companies have good customer experience programs. Yet one bad experience can lead to 22% of their customers decreasing spending! Fortunately you as a small business owner can learn from their mistakes!

HubSpot has an article entitled "6 Simple Steps to Build a Culture that's Obsessed with Customer Feedback".

The key things to take away are:

  • As hard as it will be you need to let all customer comments show, be it good or bad. The reason being is that it shows that your business is customer-centric and transparent. You should also address any negative comment by being "sympathetic, friendly and helpful in solving the issue."
  • As frequently as possible analyze customer feedback.
  • Ensure your sales staff and customer service staff are in constant communication. Brooke Goodbary of Intercom says "When your largest customer-facing teams work together closely, your customers get more value from your products, and your sales team is able to create a more effective sales process."
  • Ensure that everyone knows how to access or see the customer feedback. You can even go so far as to physically post both positive and negative feedback in the office.
  • Look for learning opportunities and solutions from mistakes. By doing this you can increase "morale, transparency and an eagerness to collaborate and develop together."
  • Always celebrate the wins both great and small. Did you get some great praise from a customer? Then share it with everyone and let everyone know they had a part in making that customer happy.

See the full article here:

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