3 Tips for Marketing an Elevator Company

3 Tips for Marketing an Elevator Company

May 13, 2022
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Elevators are often a necessity in many business premises, but they don’t often get talked about a lot, unless one breaks while you are in it. Marketing for a company that provides elevator installation and repairs might be quite niche, but there are several factors to consider if this is the business that you want to get into. Providing elevator installation, service and repair is something that’s always going to be in demand, especially as buildings around the world are only getting taller, and companies are realizing the need to meet accessibility requirements. However, that being said, there will still be some competition, which is why good marketing is essential. 

Your Website

Most potential clients who are searching for your services are likely to be company owners or property developers, so it’s important to have a professional website that they can easily find in Google and other search engines. Make sure that your website is responsive and works well on any device so that busy business owners who are searching for a company like yours on the go can easily see what you offer and get a quote. Make sure that the website loads quickly; the last thing that you want is for anybody to feel like they’re wasting time waiting to get the information. One example of a simple and informative elevator company website is Atis, an elevator company Denver.  

Search Engine Optimization

As mentioned above, most of your potential clients are probably going to find your services through a Google search so it is important to focus on SEO when it comes to your marketing strategies. The best way to do this is to work with a good SEO agency who can put together a marketing plan that is tailored to your business and your goals. However, there are several things that you can do to improve SEO including keeping your site up to date with relevant and interesting content, for example, as part of a business blog. Bear in mind that local SEO may be very relevant to this type of company so make sure that your site is fully optimized to appear in local search results too. 

Social Media

Social media can be a tricky one when you are marketing an elevator maintenance, installation and repair company since Instagram and Facebook might not be where your ideal customers are looking for you. However, there are some social networks that you may be able to take advantage of to reach out to your target market. Twitter is a platform that tends to attract more businesspeople compared to platforms like Instagram or Snapchat, for example. LinkedIn, which is designed for business professionals, is definitely worth building a presence on. You can connect directly with business owners on LinkedIn and the content on the site is usually more work-related compared to other social networks. 

Elevator installation, service, repairs and maintenance is crucial for many companies today. If you have the skills and want to offer these services, there are several things to consider to help you successfully market your brand.  

Written by: Staff  |  May 13, 2022