Things To Consider When Building A Fleet For Your Business

Things To Consider When Building A Fleet For Your Business

April 1, 2022
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Many growing businesses consider it necessary to move away from third-party logistical carriers and build their own fleets of vehicles. Vehicle fleets are immensely useful for businesses. Transporting goods, distributing operatives, and acting as moving billboards, they are an essential logistical division. Here are some things to consider carefully before making plans to build a commercial vehicle fleet. 


Fleets of commercial vehicles are perfect for improving the brand identity of your company. Vans and trucks can essentially act as moving billboards – constantly traveling around some of the most visible spots in the country. With this in mind, it is important to consider the branding efforts that go into the appearance of your vehicles. Commercial grade vehicle wrapping is essential for car-sized company autos. Large branded trucks have become the iconic symbols of some companies like Coca-Cola. 


The chances are high that your commercial vehicles are not coming from your own backyard. Companies like Shiply Car Delivery can help you bring smaller vehicles closer to home. Meanwhile, large-scale rail and road shipping companies may need to be employed in order to bring trucks and vans from their distant places of origin. 

Fleet Structure

There are many ways to structure a fleet of commercial vehicles. The correct fleet structure really depends upon what vehicles are going to be used for. Some companies opt for a zero-hour-based ‘gig economy’ shipping model, but this relies upon having a large enough pool of trained drivers to complete shipments without any kind of guarantee. Employing a contracted group of drivers is more expensive but allows you to know exactly how much of your workforce you have on hand at any given moment. 

Electric Or Combustion?

Many small business owners have been tempted into purchasing fleets of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are (at least in theory) better for the environment and project an image of corporate responsibility. Not all applications suit commercial electric vehicle fleets, however. Interstate driving is not yet a financially sustainable possibility using an electric fleet apart from for companies with vast infrastructure budgets like Amazon. Nevertheless, the dawn of the electric commercial vehicle is fast approaching, and high fuel prices might push small business owners towards the purchase of battery-powered units. 


A fleet of vehicles is impossible to operate without a cadre of trained drivers. Your search for drivers should be one of the things you consider when picking out vehicles for your fleet. If you need to move heavy loads across long distances, you might be in for a little bit of a shock. HGV drivers are in short supply. The United States is in the middle of a logistical crisis being made worse by a distinct lack of truckers. There are 80,000 trucking positions that need to be filled in the USA: a national record that is stalling logistics all around the country. Treat your drivers like gold dust. Retaining dedicated drivers is just as important as purchasing reliable vehicles. 

Written by: Staff  |  April 1, 2022