Marketing So Subtle That It Works Without Detection

Marketing So Subtle That It Works Without Detection

December 1, 2023
(Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes)

Audiences have the potential to become frustrated by marketing that’s very blatant or considered obnoxious, meaning that finding a way for your brand to market yourself to them in a way that they might not even notice could be a great way to increase awareness of your business. This can sometimes be accomplished through physical alterations, such as how you design your place of business or the kind of storefront door that you use, but it might also be that the way you go about your digital marketing should be adjusted to cater for these more subtle approaches.

Your Storefront

It’s unlikely that you think marketing can’t be accomplished through your storefront—your signage and the marketing that you decorate your windows with can be completely geared toward this singular purpose. However, it might just be that you’re neglecting to make use of ways that don’t talk to audiences as directly.

Storefront doors are a good example of this. On the surface of it, these are utilitarian additions or alterations to your storefront that can simply increase the level of convenience that your visitors experience upon entering or exiting. However, this in itself is a form of marketing. It’s an addition that makes your shop a more pleasurable one to visit, even if only slightly, and the difference that a more modern door can make to the overall aesthetic of the venue could make it a lot more appealing to those passing by.

Customer Feedback

Again, this might not be something that you categorize as marketing on the face of it and due to the very direct nature of the interaction, and it might also not be something that you think of as being especially subtle. That said, letting your customers know that you care about their voice being heard and will take action to improve yourself based on what they have to say is crucial. You need to do this in a way that can be shared throughout social media, encouraging audiences to let people know that you’re taking their suggestions on board. These actions draw positive attention toward your brand and can be done in a way that potentially even furthers your audience—movements that sound a lot more like marketing than you might have initially suspected.

The marketing aspect isn’t the only benefit, though, and you might find the advice that you’re actually given here could help to refine your brand and take it to new heights.


Similarly, reviews are something that benefits both audiences and the brands in question. Audience members might use reviews to judge whether a brand is worth their time, and it can offer them an opportunity to leave a report of their own experience as well. From the perspective of the brand, this might seem to just encourage them to improve themselves to keep these reviews as positive as possible, and that’s certainly true in a sense. What might go overlooked, though, is that when you’re leaving a good impression, you’re having people post positive marketing for your brand at no cost to yourself.

Written by: Staff  |  December 1, 2023