Boosting Content Marketing Efforts With The Help Of Rewording Tools

Boosting Content Marketing Efforts With The Help Of Rewording Tools

February 9, 2024
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Most of you may be aware that content marketing is one of the most successful and cost-effective marketing techniques in the online world. 

According to my research, this marketing technique involves creating and promoting valuable and relevant content to the targeted audience or customers. The main purpose of content marketing is to attract and retain the targeted audience. 

However, it is important to note that, content marketing is not a cup of tea, as it requires marketers to follow different techniques efficiently. To get the most out of their marketing efforts, brands have started taking help from advanced tools and rewording tools are one of them. 

These tools are helping marketers to boost their content marketing campaigns in several ways. In this blog, I am going to explain those ways in detail. 

Rewording Tools – Overview

Basically, these are online tools that quickly and efficiently reword the given content in a completely new and improved way without changing the original meaning. Let me tell you how they do this. 

They operate on advanced algorithms that first understand the context of the input content and then reword it by making essential changes. As far as I know, the changes usually include:

  • Replacement words of words with more appropriate and relevant synonyms
  • Alteration of sentence structure (rearrangement of words and phrases)
  • Removal of overused or unnecessary words from the given content

After making all these changes to your input content, these tools will then provide an improved version that will deliver the same meaning but in a new way. 

Now, I think most of you will have an efficient idea of what actual rewording tools are and how they work. It’s time to understand how these tools can help in boosting content marketing efforts. 

Ways Through Which Rewording Tools Can Help in Boosting the Content Marketing Effort

Below are some of the ways through which rewording tools help in boosting content marketing efforts. 

1. Providing Title Or Topic Variation For Marketing Content

As we know, most of the time in content marketing, the marketing team needs to create quality content to promote the same product or service. 

I think that’s not the problem, instead the main problem they need to create content on different topics so that they can keep the audience interested in their product or service. 

For this, the writing team has to consistently create different topics (to promote the same thing) but wait…let me tell you there will come a time when the team will start facing difficulty in creating different topics (ran out of topic ideas). This is so because they have already covered almost every topic related to the product or service. 

In such scenarios, rewording tools will come in handy, let me explain how. They quickly reword the given title in a completely new way by changing the maximum words with their synonyms. However, the reworded title will also deliver the same meaning as the original title. Let me explain this with a live example. 

I have given a give some context “Rewording tool helps to reword your content without ruining the original meaning and context.” to a rewording tool to see how it will the title in a completely new way. For results check out the image below:

Providing Title Or Topic Variation For Marketing Content

As you can in the output, the tool has generated a completely new version of the input title by replacing all the words with synonyms. 

One more thing that most may find interesting is that the rewording tools will provide different outputs every time you reword the same title. This means the marketing team can quickly create multiple unique titles or topics of a single title.

When a brand consistently delivers content written on different topics, it is more likely to build a wide and loyal audience – which is one of the main goals of marketing efforts. 

2. Adding A Promotional Touch To The Content 

As I have already mentioned in the introduction, content marketing is the creation and promotion of content to grab other's attention. This is why, it is extremely essential to use persuasive words (like exciting, unleash, electrifying, uplifting, elevate, etc.) in the marketing content. 

Using attractive words or phrases will not only help in grabbing potential customers but also keep them connected with the brand. 

However, let me tell you, writing content using engaging words is not an easy task for everyone out there reading this, as it requires a strong vocabulary (the ability to use the right words according to the context). 

What if you (the marketer) or the marketing team lacks in vocabulary? Don’t worry because rewording tools are here to help you. These tools quickly reword or rewrite the given content in a promotional manner by replacing normal words with their more appealing-to-read synonyms. 

Let me explain this with a live demonstration as well. I have provided a piece of content about a “Reword content” to the tool to see how it will add a promotional touch to it. The output result I got is in the picture below:  

Adding A Promotional Touch To The Content

The reworded content in the image above contains more appealing to-read words like “Idealize”, “Solid”, “Prepared”, etc. This is how marketers can quickly and efficiently a promotional touch to their marketing content without spending time and effort on manually replacing words with their persuasive synonyms. 

When the marketing content is persuasive, there is a strong that it will encourage the targeted audience to take some kind of action like sharing the content or making a purchase. 

3. Increasing User Engagement

This is yet another way through which rewording tools can give a boost to content marketing efforts. Let me explain how. 

Increasing user engagement for a brand is one of the main goals of its content marketing efforts. This can be achieved by making the marketing content readable. When the content is readable, search engines will better understand it, and reward it with a higher ranking that further leads to increased user engagement. Additionally, when the visitors find easy-to-understand marketing content, they will spend more time reading, which will further result in increased trust and loyalty. 

Want to know how to make marketing content readable? For this, you (the marketer) need to replace difficult or complex terminologies (words & phrases) in it with commonly known synonyms. However, if you do it manually, then this will definitely kill most of your time. But that’s not the case with rewording tools. 

They quickly make the given content readable by replacing complex words in the input content with their simple and commonly known synonyms. To demonstrate this in a better way, I have given a complex piece of content to the tool to see how it will make the content readable. 

Increasing User Engagement

As you can see in the picture above, the tool has reworded the given text in a more readable manner by replacing difficult words with their simple synonyms. In some cases, the tool also alters sentence structure as well to bring clarity to the output content. 

When your marketing is readable, it will become easier for both the readers and search engines to understand what you are trying to say. 

4. Adjusting Keyword Density

Keywords are specific words and phrases that potential customers search online to find specific products or services. They are essential for content marketing as they help marketers or brands what their audience is looking for. This will further allow brands or marketers to create content marketing strategies according to those keywords. 

Along with this, keywords greatly contribute to increasing search result rankings of marketing content and attracting maximum visitors. 

To experience all these benefits, marketers or brands often try to load up their content with too many keywords, resulting in increased keyword density. Keyword density is basically how many times a specific keyword has appeared in content. 

Marketing content with more keyword density will give an indication to the readers that you just want to promote the product, instead of providing value. On the other hand, search engines like Google consider high-keyword-density content as an illegal act of manipulating search rankings. 

So, as a marketer, you should take care of keyword density in the marketing content, and rewording tools can help you efficiently do so. Let me explain how. 

These tools adjust the keyword density by first efficiently understanding the input content, and then rewording it by eliminating all the overused words and phrases from it. To illustrate this, I have provided content (that contains repeated keywords) to the tool to ensure how it will adjust the keyword density of the input text. 

Adjusting Keyword Density  Keywords

As the image above shows, the tool has adjusted the keyword density by eliminating all overused keywords from the input text. 

By adjusting the keyword density, you (the marketer) can give a professional touch to the content and make the most out of your marketing efforts. 

5. Enhance The Flow Of Marketing Content

In my personal experience, sometimes while writing marketing content, the writer does not make proper connections between the sentences. Doing this greatly damages the overall flow of content, which will greatly damage the worth of content in the eyes of potential customers. 

So, to get the most out of marketing content, you can build a strong connection between each sentence. For this, you have to make use of specific words and phrases at the start as well as at the end of each sentence, so that it connects with its surrounding sentences giving a proper flow to overall content. 

Fortunately, rewording tools do the same as well. These tools improve the flow of the given content by using the most relevant words and phrases both at the start and end of the sentences. Let me explain this with a live demonstration. 

I have given a piece of text to the rewording tool to see how it rewrites the content by improving its overall flow. The output is in the picture below: 

The tool has improved the overall flow of the input content by using the most relevant words and phrases according to the given context. 

By writing marketing content in a proper flow, you can ensure the readers are efficiently grasping what you are trying to say. 

6. Eliminating The Risk Of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the most common issues in content marketing and greatly affects marketing campaigns. It occurs when you use another person’s information without giving proper credit, and can result in severe consequences like damaged reputation, facing a lawsuit, etc. 

It is a common issue in content marketing because there will be a lot of brands that are offering products and services same as you. Obviously, those brands will also be creating content to gain the attention of a targeted audience. 

Due to this reason, there is a strong chance that the marketing content you are creating may accidentally match with other ones, resulting in plagiarism. In such scenarios, instead of manually spending time and effort on rewriting the plagiarized content to make it unique, marketers can get help from rewording tools. 

These tools make the plagiarized content unique with just one click by replacing words with their synonyms. This replacement of words breaks the pattern of plagiarism, resulting in 100% unique content. To explain this better, I have copied a passage from my article and reworded it with the tool to see how the tool will make it free from plagiarism. 

Eliminating The Risk Of Plagiarism

As the above image tells, the tool has reworded the plagiarized text in a completely unique way by making maximum changes to it. 

With the help of rewording tools, marketers can quickly and efficiently make their content free from any kind of plagiarism. By offering unique marketing content, brands can stand out tall among their competitors – which is one of the main goals of content marketing efforts. 

Final Words

Rewording tools can greatly help boost content marketing efforts by making the content completely tailored to customer needs. Content marketing is mainly to interact with potential customers, for this, you can consider taking the service of Customerly – an All-in-one customer service software that helps brands to build strong relationships with customers through text, video chatting, etc. 

Written by: Olivia John  |  February 9, 2024

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