Increase Conversions on Your Private School Website

Increase Conversions on Your Private School Website

November 19, 2021
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If you are a privates school that has invested thousands of dollars into the design and development of your website, it is likely to be a huge part of your marketing strategy and online presence. It is imperative that your website attracts new leads for your school. Unfortunately, most school websites barely convert.

Why Your Schools Website Conversion Rate Is so Low

The main reason many schools’ conversion rate is so low is that your website’s only conversion opportunity is the contact form. This is generally a problem since it only captures one sort of prospective parent or student: those that are ready to come.

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

Each parent or student is on their own “buyer’s journey.” They may begin by researching ideas by performing an “Ask Facebook” type question on Facebook, or they may start investigating schools online and ultimately contact a few of them.

When your website’s only point of conversion is a contact form, you’re only providing an opportunity for conversion at the very end of the buyer’s journey. By doing this, you may be losing out on a lot of potential leads. Students or parents are most likely looking at your website and then bolting because you don’t provide anything of value to them at this point in the buyer’s journey.

Creating Conversion Points to Fill Your Entire Enrollment Funnel

If the contact form just serves as a conversion point after a person’s journey, you and your organization are merely filling the bottom of your enrollment funnel. It’s time to make a shift.

You may begin to give conversion points for prospects at the beginning or middle of their buyer’s journey by offering premium downloads, for example, eBooks or checklists. As visitors begin to download your material, the top and center of your enrollment funnels will start to fill.

How to New Create Conversion Points

Here is a list of things you will need to create your “top of funnel” and “middle of funnel” conversion points.

  • Call To Action or CTA
  • A landing page with a form
  • A downloadable premium content piece that would interest a website visitor

Here is a breakdown of each item.

Calls To Action

Call To Action or CTAs are images or text that explain and promote downloadable material and attract a website user to click and learn more. You will want to post them on your most viewed web pages so that they are readily seen/found.

Landing Page with Form - Example

Landing Page With Form

When a user clicks on the CTA, they should be sent to a landing page with additional information about the downloadable offer and a form where they can enter their information.

Downloadable Premium Content

Of course, once they fill out the form, you should send them an eBook, checklist, or whatever else you think would be helpful to them. The objective is to inform, educate and assist the prospect.

Getting New Leads

After you have implemented these conversion points, I am confident that you will see a significant boost in the number of conversions on your website. I have typically seen the number of leads in the enrollment funnel by more than double!

If you are interested in learning more, I would be happy to give you a free assessment of your school’s website. I will cover some of these same best practices and give you more ideas on how to increase the conversion rate of your private school website.




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