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Going Digital Part 2: Content Strategy

April 29, 2016

As discussed earlier, digital signage is the new lobby magazine. It creates a reason for folks to “linger longer” in your establishment, which can translate to higher revenues and interactions. What kind of content can digital signage share? Really, the possibilities are endless! Here is just a handful of ideas:


DigitalSignage Promo

Do you print posters or direct mailers for promotions? Do you host special events or share community news? Displaying these types of announcements with digital signage will give you an instant turnaround to get the information out there.

Time / Date / Weather

An old standby for digital signage is to simply display the current conditions for a location or locations. Digital signage can pull the latest weather, time and date from its Internet connection, allowing up-to-the-minute information for viewers.

DigitalSignage Destinations


Cube Creative partners with Digital Connect Media to provide twice-monthly video feed updates for digital signage. These videos range from 20-second health tips to features on destinations around the world.

Portfolio Spotlight

Are you in a creative profession, such as baking, graphics, photography or architecture (among many others)? Use digital signage to display your best work to potential clients.

DigitalSignage Health


Restaurants can utilize digital signage to display menu boards. Rather than the cost and time it takes to update physical, printed signage, digital signage can be updated instantly. Run out of the daily special? Take it down within minutes!

Hours and Closings

Display your business hours, closings or holiday disruptions using digital signage. This is not only helpful for retail and office establishments, but can also greatly benefit schools and churches.


DigitalSignage Weather

Let viewers take a “test drive” of a product or service through digital signage. Share how to use a product, or some of its features.

Content Strategy

How you interact with your viewers is greatly dependent on your content strategy. Among the factors to consider:

  • Learning: Fresh information keeps viewers learning new and exciting things
  • Connection: Take what unites your viewers and make connections
  • Business: Use content to generate revenue or increase productivity
  • Design: Good design is key to digital signage

The folks at Digital Connect Media can help you get started with your digital signage, as well as provide insight into how it can best serve your audience. Contact us today to get started!

Adam Bennett

Written by:

Adam is the founder and president of Cube Creative Design.