Five Reasons Why an Optimized Website is Your Best Marketing Strategy

Five Reasons Why an Optimized Website is Your Best Marketing Strategy

June 17, 2022
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In the digital marketing world, the website is one of the most important tools small businesses can use to attract potential clients and spread awareness. According to content marketing firm BrightEdge, organic searches make up about 51 percent of the traffic driven to websites. With search engine optimization (SEO), you can boost the ranking of your web page in the search results and get the attention of a broader consumer base. 

The current climate has brought a lot of attention to the importance of having an optimized website for local small businesses. As more companies focus on promoting their services via digital media, it can become slightly challenging to catch the eye of the target clientele. 

This is where optimization of a web page can work effectively for marketing. Once the website is ranked within the top results of search engines like Google, you will be able to convince more people to click on it and look for more information. 

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5 Reasons Why an Optimized Website Is the Best Marketing Strategy 

Before we begin discussing the advantages and benefits of SEO for the website, I want to give a brief insight into what it is. 

Once you have an idea of how optimization works behind the scenes, it will become easier to understand the role of an optimized website in marketing. 

How Does SEO Work? 

You may already know that it stands for search engine optimization and involves Analytics which collects data for digital marketers. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The process of optimization is focused on the use of specific keywords that people might be most likely to use when researching for a particular item, service, or website. 

This is as simple as it can get. While other factors also come into play, such as quality backlinks and content relevancy, the keywords are crucial to the increase in rankings. 

So when you are looking into creating an optimized web page, you should put a lot of thought into the meta description, alt tags, and even image file names. All of these are important elements in the optimization of a website. 

If you have a logo designing website and want to boost its visibility, you can include a category or location-based keywords to optimize it. So if someone is searching for information on digital marketing for a plumbing company or Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses, your web page can show up within the top ten results. 

The Google algorithm, for instance, can be tricky and extensive research goes into determining which keywords, phrases, links, or images are favorable for a website’s ranking. In the chart below, you can see some of the factors that the search engine takes into account.


Weighting of Thematic Clusters of Ranking Factors in Google via of Moz 

Image Source:

In marketing, when the ranking of your website goes up, you have a better chance of attracting potential clients than your competitors. 

These are some reasons why an optimized website can work as the best marketing strategy.  

1. It Attracts High-Quality Traffic 

When you are looking to market your products or services and promote your business effectively, you want to attract people who are most likely to make a purchase. Ultimately, that is the end goal for every business owner. An optimized website is the best way to make this happen. 

Look at it this way. If you optimize your web page, you can increase the visibility of your business organically instead of using aggressive marketing methods. Sometimes, pop-ups or disruptive ads can turn away potential clients. However, with optimization, such problems can be eliminated. 

Users who are actively searching for a specific product or service will most likely visit the website in the top search results. Those who go on the web page with the intention of making a purchase are a part of the high-quality traffic since it results in lead generation and increased sales. 

With an optimized website, you can attract such potential clients and show them what you have to offer. Then, if your marketing message is convincing and people connect with it, they can buy an item or book a service. 

In case you don’t make a sale, the optimization is still a successful marketing strategy as it brings over high-quality traffic where potential clients are likely to return as well. 

2. It Doesn’t Utilize Paid Advertisements

How many times do you skip the ads of the websites that show up at the top of your page when you search for something? If you are like the majority of the people, you probably avoid clicking on them too. According to a recent report by Hubspot, around 80 percent of consumers skip or dismiss the paid ads that are visible on search result pages. 

This is no way to tell you to avoid investing in pay-per-click (PPC) ads. They can be useful for marketing, but an optimized website can have a greater reach. Since it’s displayed within the organic results, people could be encouraged to click on it instead of scrolling down or ignoring it. Take the example of the search results below. 

You can see how the top ads may have a lower clickthrough rate than the organic searches found below. Google Search Page Example for fishing charters


Optimization means the search engine approves your web page for a particular search without charging any fees. This strategy inspires confidence within consumers and convinces them to explore further through the web page. 

By optimizing your website, you can take advantage of the visibility without spending a considerable amount of money or overwhelming the consumer.   

3. It Increases Engagements and Awareness 

This is one of the most significant advantages of having an optimized website. If you think about it, even the traditional marketing methods aim to increase engagement with the brand or business and create awareness within the target audience.

So just as a catchy tagline on a billboard or an appealing flyer design can get people talking about your business, having an optimized web page can accomplish the same. With quality backlinks and guest blogging, you can generate interest from various sources in your brand. 

When other audiences come across your link on an influential blogger’s page or in a ‘best of ten’ review article, they might be convinced to look through it. If you have a physical store, you may even attract more potential clients via link building. 

This strategy results in higher traffic to the web page and increased communication or engagement with the target audience. You can ask people directly to give feedback or leave a query regarding a particular item or service charges. 

Ultimately, your optimized website can prove to be great for the marketing of your business as it can help you create a positive buzz in the digital world with minimal investment.

4. It Helps You Compete with Established Businesses 

In the physical world, it may be difficult for small to medium range businesses to come up with huge marketing budgets for their campaigns. This means that a shoe brand that has been in the industry for four to five years would not be able to compete in marketing with an established corporation like Nike. 

So no matter how good or lasting their product is, brands like Nike or Adidas will always come on top in marketing through social media or television. With an optimized web page, you can actually stir things up and get in the same position as a big business. 

If you invest in search engine optimization for your website, you can find yourself among the known names in the rankings. It could be great for marketing your products or service on a similar level as an established brand. 

Advanced Web Ranking found the top three results that appear organically on the search page combined for 54.3% of the clickthrough rate (CTR).

Search Intent in April 2022 for US All Devices

For desktop CTR, it was only 29.7%.

Search Intent in April 2022 for US Desktop Devices

For mobile CTR, it was 46.74%.

Search Intent in April 2022 for US Mobile Devices

Here you can see desktop CTR the trend over the past seven years.

US Desktop Click-Through Rate Between 2015 and 2021

Here you can see mobile CTR the trend over the past seven years.

US Mobile Click-Through Rate Between 2015 and 2021

5. It Has a Higher ROI 

The return on investment (ROI) is important in any print or digital marketing strategy. Most marketers consider or evaluate the returns it will bring to the business. So be it a social media campaign, influencer marketing, or inbound marketing, if the desired results fall short of your assessment or expectation, you need to look for something else. 

With an optimized website, a high return on investment is almost a guarantee. If your web page is well-designed and provides a premium user experience to the visitor, you don’t have to worry about visitors turning away quickly. 

Once your website has earned a good ranking on the search engine result pages (SERPs), all you have to focus on is keeping the page updated, relevant and functional.

Ready To Get Your Website Optimized? 

The internet is a great place for opportunities and continues to open doors for small businesses and small brands. An optimized website can prove to be great for your marketing strategy and take your business to the next level. 

Optimization is also quite affordable and doesn’t require a lot of budget or high-end tools. Investing in tools such as Google Analytics can quickly figure out how to optimize your web page. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Reach out to us to begin optimizing your website today and create a winning marketing strategy for your small business.

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