Cultivate Your Evergreen Content Potential: A How To

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Do you wonder why in some search results, old pages tend to show up at the top even though they are relatively old? Aren’t we told that we should keep our content fresh to stay on top of search engine results?

Take a look at this example. Google "how to write a blog" and one of the top results is from March 2012. That's over 3 years old, which is like 100 years online!

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grampaContent marketing is the idea that we can use the content we create for our website to attract and convert potential customers into paying customers, then keep those paying customers. It is built on the premise of being relevant and visible to consumers. Some content needs to be fresh, hip and up-to-date. It is flashier, like that teenage cousin who shows up to Thanksgiving in stuff you threw out in the late ‘80s (Just stop it, shoulder pads).

But don’t forget about Grampa in the recliner. Ol’ Grampa has some good advice and knowledge to share, the kind that stays relevant for years, if not decades.

Grampa is what we content marketing folks call “evergreen content.” It is the content that is still relevant or stays green despite the seasons. It is the content that you can write once and let it ride on your website for years without updating or rewriting.

Search Engine Journalronco shared a few formats of evergreen content that can help you start cultivating your “set it and forget it” evergreen content:

  • How-To Guides
  • Resource Lists
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Industry Definitions

Wordstream goes a bit further and adds product reviews and encyclopedia-type entries as types of evergreen content. The content doesn’t have to be written words, either. Some videos are a great way to incorporate evergreen content.

Now that we have a good idea of some things we can built as evergreen content, let’s talk about some best practices.

  1. Avoid Jargon & Technical Terms

    Almost all search engine experts agree that evergreen content is not intended for experts. It is easy to use jargon specific to your industry since you are fluent in that language. But for folks searching online for more information, that type of jargon can turn them off to your business. Be sure to write content for folks who don’t know what you’re talking about.

  2. Be Comprehensive

    Content Marketing Institute describes evergreen content as typically longer than the timely “news” types of posts. The longer length will allow you to build in more search engine keywords, elaborate on useful points or drive potential customers to reach out to your business for additional information, such as price estimates.

  3. Offer Freebies

    Everyone loves a freebie. It is a staple of the sales world, and a great way to help potential customers return to your business when they are ready to make a purchase. What are some freebies you can include on evergreen content? Consider downloadable checklists or informational graphics. Be sure to brand these downloadable freebies so folks will remember who gave it to them.

  4. KISS

    Keep it simple, stud. Have you ever opened a webpage and didn’t read it because it was too long? It happens all the time. Some clever millennial coined “TL;DR” for just that: “too long; didn’t read.” How do you keep those folks with short attention spans or lack of time to read your comprehensive evergreen content?There are a few ways to make it more digestible:

    • Use Infographics.
      Not only will infographics provide visual rest for eyes, but it allows people to nibble on the information you present without asking them to read pages of text. There are a few online infographic makers you can use for free that create very visually appealing graphics. Piktochart is a great one.
    • Use Multimedia.
      Add slideshows or videos that present the same information in different formats.
    • Use Subheadings and Lists.
    • Paragraphs are so boring, right? If you present the most relevant information in list format, then you’ll be more likely to catch attention from folks who skim for key information.

Content marketing may seem intimidating, but it is really all about serving your customers. You don’t have to do it alone! Cube Creative has a team of content marketing specialists who have years of experience. Contact us for help cultivating your content!

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