Boosting Google Reviews Boosting Google Reviews

Boost your Google Reviews

March 4, 2016
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Ever wondered how your competitors got those star ratings to appear on Google search results? Those reviews grab your attention, don’t they? Those ratings sway your decision on which service or business you’ll choose, right?

It isn’t just a blog saying it, this stuff is science. Science.

So let’s set some goals and get started.

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Goal 1: Get on Google Places

This is a no-brainer. Google allows any business to create a business listing that will appear on Google Maps and on Google search results pages. It is free!

To get started, go to and click “Get on Google.” You can set up your business page and choose how you want to verify that you are a legit company (postcard or phone call). Once verified, the page will appear to the public. You can include information like your business logo, product images, business hours, website and contact information.

Goal 2: Get 26+ Reviews

According to the aforementioned science, getting at least 26 reviews will get your business above the national average for Google Places pages. If you really want to beat out your competition, shoot for at least 150% their reviews. So if your competitor has 5 reviews, you want to make a goal of getting at least 13 reviews.

ACPH googleplusMake it easy for your customers to leave feedback for you. The only thing Google requires in order to public a review is a Google account (which most people have if they have a Gmail email account or YouTube account).

Create a handy guide to make it easy on your customers. Order a batch of business cards that have a short link to your Google Place page to encourage patrons to leave a review at their convenience. Here (on the left) is an example of a business card one Cube Creative client uses to encourage reviews.

Extra credit if you give customers an incentive for leaving a review, such as a discount on their next purchase.

Goal 3: Use Reviews to your Advantage

Once you have a good working batch of legitimate reviews, be sure to take advantage of them. Consider adding something in your marketing about how you are a 5-star rated business according to Google, or use some of the review comments as testimonials.

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