101 Blog Ideas for Christian Private Schools

101 Blog Ideas for Christian Private Schools

March 21, 2022
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Blink, Blink goes the cursor as you stare at the screen with your hands poised above the keys. You know you need to write a blog post for your Christian private school, but the looming cursor seems to be taunting you.

I know it can be difficult to constantly develop interesting blog topics for private schools. If you have been at this a while, many of you will reach a point where it seems like you are saying the same thing over and over.

To help you shake things up a bit, I've compiled a list of 101 blog post ideas to help get you a jump on your private school's blog. 

Here are 101 suggested blog topics for Christian private schools, listed by category.

101 suggested blog topics for Christian private schools

Enrollment and Recruitment Focused

  1. What Christian parents should look for when considering a change of schools for their child
  2. Take readers on a virtual tour of campus
  3. Write a “What to expect” post
  4. Address common misperceptions about your school
  5. Share your values/principles/mission by writing a “Why we care about _____” post.
  6. Write a post that answers why students should choose your Christian private school
  7. Write a post on how to choose the right private school
  8. Share stats about your private school
  9. Use terminology specific to your private school or a particular program to write a “What is…” post.
  10. Write a “Beginner’s Guide to _____” to help ease the mind of potential or incoming students.
  11. Student success stories
  12. A run-down of your technology program
  13. Write an article about the differences between public and private schools and list the pros and cons of each.


  1. Write a post about individual tax credits and deductions related to private school or other educational expenses.
  2. Highlight any scholarships your school offers and explain the criteria
  3. Write an article about how parents can help with fundraising and supplies


  1. How to get your student ready for back to school
  2. How to help your child get and stay organized.
  3. How to help your child think critically
  4. How to help your child prepare for a field trip
  5. How to identify your child’s primary learning style
  6. How to help kids make use of free digital materials and use them to spur creativity


  1. Understanding the brain of a child at the different stages and how to help them cope
  2. Create “The Ultimate Guide to [Your School]”
  3. Answer frequently asked questions
  4. Post an upcoming events roundup
  5. Community spotlight– share stories of local organizations where students can get involved
  6. Write about local spots to visit during the school year
  7. Post about things to do this weekend
  8. Review a local restaurant
  9. Make a list of exciting things to do on a rainy day
  10. Share interesting school traditions and their origin story
  11. Write a “Spotlight on _____” a club/program/sport/activity
  12. Share surprising facts about your school
  13. Let a student guest post
  14. Roundup inspirational quotes for students (create graphics for each to make them extra shareable!)
  15. Start a “_____ of the Month” series. (Get creative with filling in the blank: book, professor, local business, student, major, club, etc.)
  16. Back to school tips
  17. Chore checklists
  18. Easy school recipes


  1. Ask the art teacher at your school to ask the kids to draw a picture of what the school means to them.
  2. Choose 2-3 pictures and interview the kids, asking them to tell the story behind the picture.
  3. Take a picture of the artwork and post the image and story to the blog.


  1. Have teachers write posts about classroom management
  2. Create a blog series of reading recommendations for each grade level.
  3. Discuss project-based learning and how it helps kids solve real-world problems.
  4. Write a series about the curricula your school uses and why each of them was chosen.
  5. Talk about the technology your school teaches and how it benefits students.
  6. Have teachers write posts about how student data informs teaching
  7. How to maintain a positive mindset in the classroom
  8. Discuss social-emotional learning and how emotional intelligence benefits students.
  9. Benefits of outdoor education and your school’s outdoor education curriculum
  10. How technology is integrated into the teaching curriculum
  11. Student engagement strategies for involving kids in their own learning
  12. How does your school empower kids to give their input and engage in the classroom and the school?
  13. Have teachers write posts about experiential learning
  14. Write an article (or series) on how your school is preparing kids who might be interested in a vocational and/or technical career.
  15. Do an article on how your classrooms integrate iPads into the learning environment.
  16. Write an article on educational trends and how your school is embracing them (or if not, why not.)
  17. What is game-based learning and how is your school implementing gaming into the classroom?
  18. What is global education, and how are teachers helping kids become global citizens?
  19. What is inquiry-based learning and how are teachers building lessons around current events and critical thinking?
  20. How are teachers using social media for learning in school?
  21. Discuss tutoring options for kids and ways for parents to find the support their child needs to succeed.
  22. Compile a list of books to read over summer vacation
  23. List the best study tips for students
  24. Share tips for creating a successful school routine
  25. Share test-taking tips
  26. Advice on how students can stay organized
  27. Craft mid-term or a final exams survival guide
  28. Share end-of-the-school-year tips
  29. Problem-solving at home
  30. Strategies for tackling homework
  31. A meaningful book review

Safety-Related Topics

  1. How to keep your child safe while on the internet
  2. How to help your child deal with bullying.
  3. Understanding cybersecurity
  4. Supporting emotional health

General Topics

  1. Do a weekly story about a student. This could be recognizing the child for achievements or using other criteria for choosing the student.
  2. Write various posts about alumni or interesting historical stories related to your school.
  3. Questions to ask your child’s teacher to get to know them better
  4. Write an article on the importance of wellness programs in schools and how your school supports wellness for all kids.
  5. What social-emotional support is in place at your school
  6. Trauma-affected kids and how emotional pain impacts their ability to learn
  7. Kids and coding: what are kids learning to make with code in school?
  8. What’s the difference between inclusion and differentiation policies in school?
  9. How your school is teaching gifted students
  10. Profile a successful alum
  11. Create a “best of the blog” roundup
  12. Share the story of your founders
  13. Give a glimpse inside a new building
  14. Provide an update to an old blog post
  15. Diversity and inclusivity 

Video Blogs

  1. Shoot a video that explains scheduling options that are available in your school
  2. Shoot a series of videos that highlights the various clubs in your school
  3. Create a music video that features students singing (or performing) and post it on social media
  4. Have kids film and do a voice-over for a short video and post it on the blog
  5. Interview the director or principal of your school’s before and after school programs
  6. Interview the school librarian and shoot a video of different resources available in the library for students
  7. Interview various teachers and staff members then post the video to help parents get to know the school faculty and staff
  8. Interview the school nurse and do a video that shows what is available for helping kids with health issues when they are at school

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Creating excellent blog content is only the first step. After you've published it, make sure your blogs and videos are shared on social media and optimized for search engines so you can reach the parents you are looking for.

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