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Jared C. Shumate is a midsouth regional Emmy® nominated producer and a recipient of the Paul Green Multimedia Award presented by the North Carolina Society of Historians as well as the Barringer Award of Excellence presented by the North Carolina Society of Historians.

He is a filmmaker, a photographer and a writer with an appreciation for bold, death-defying characters that explore and push boundaries. He is a North Carolina native, a husband, a father and currently he resides in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina when he isn't on the road or traveling for work.

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So your first thought may be, there are different types of videos? And the answer is yes! many different types. Each with their own set of values and their own objectives. Let’s jump right in and look at three different types of videos that can be used for marketing and advertising your business or your brand. These are arguably the most important types and the most popular.

It’s no secret that videos are incredibly effective ways to engage with your customers, clients or your audience. They are not the only way, but they are by far the most effective. In no other form can you combine all elements of visual, auditory and text information into a single cohesive message. It really is the most powerful sensory experience you can create for your audience. 

Below are a few key reasons you should implement videos into your advertising and marketing.