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Gary lives with his family near Wilkesboro, NC. He serves as the Minister of Communication at Wilkesboro Baptist Church. He has several years of experience writing content and developing marketing strategies for small businesses in various industries. Gary has written marketing content for clients in various industries.

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Recession. That is not a word you want to hear around your office. Though it is part of the economic cycle, that makes it no less scary for business owners. It has been a little over a decade since The Great Recession, but many parts of the country are still feeling the effects. From rural towns and in North Carolina to metropolitan centers like Detroit, some businesses never and communities still have not recovered. 

Are we approaching another recession? Economists believe there is a good chance the next one will come as soon as 2020, after the presidential election. One of the best practices to protect your business from an economic downturn or recession is effective content marketing. In this article, we will discuss four steps toward recession-proof content marketing: