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Chad is our business development manager. He will help you survey your business needs, ensuring you are educated on your options before suggesting any solution. Chad also has several certifications through HubSpot to better assist you with your internet and inbound marketing.

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On the surface, Google My Business (GMB) is a FREE tool from Google that helps businesses manage their online presence on the search engine results page and maps. It is the vessel that allows the local search to be more accurate. The only stipulation is that you must meet people in person. In other words, you can’t operate 100% online.

For example, if you chartered Nautilus trips, you could have a Google My Business listing, however, if you just sell seashells online, it's a no go.

Before we dive too much into GMB, let's look at how people search.

It’s a competitive market for today’s small business owners. You aren’t only competing against other small business owners but depending on your area you might also be competing with larger companies and franchise operations. But there is good news, much like a David and Goliath, being smaller and also help make you more nimble allowing you to act quicker. If you know how and what information to monitor, your business can be as successful as any.

Here are seven tips for helping your small business save time and money and making your business more profitable.

I hate to break it you, but your social media page isn’t your website. It’s a common misconception by many small businesses since they are so accessible and popular. However, I have said it before and will continue to say, social media platforms are rented spaces. While they can be used as part of a greater content marketing strategy, you still have to have a website for it all to live. Here are seven quick reasons why a website is non-negotiable!

Jump back in your time machine to the year 1986. Think about what was popular and how different the world we are living in now is versus 34 years ago. 34 years ago computers were barely a thing, there was no such thing as the internet as we know it today or smartphones. Why is that small business still think they can market the same way as they did in the past? 

I have often said and will continue to say until someone can prove to me that traditional marketing for small businesses is dying. Traditional marketing is in your face, says look at me and don’t you forget about me! This is all in hopes that you remember them when and if you need them.

Learning to market in this new digital age can be tricky at best. While most people are out there doing their sales and marketing at level 10. What I want to help you do and show you what to do is, give you that little extra push over the cliff, and turn up your sales and marketing to 11!