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Before going any further, let us agree on one thing. The main goals of your website are to leave a lasting impression, to educate, and to inform your prospective clients. To achieve this, you need a functional and high-quality website. 

Sure, you can sign up for an online web design course or use one of the many do-it-yourself web page building solutions you can find online. You can even ask your neighborhood whiz kid to put together a decent website for you. It may only cost you some pizza money.

However, you need to understand that what you are investing in is a website that will showcase your business to your customers. You can best do that with a website that provides a great user experience, reliability, and design.

Having said that, here are some factors to consider when choosing between do-it-yourself websites and professionally made ones:

Think about this, today’s school-age children have grown up with the internet being nearly at their fingertips. For most, Google has always been around, and “smartphones” have always been in their parent’s pockets. These kids will use their cell phones, laptops, or tablets to communicate, entertain, and learn new information.

If you were to show them a phonebook, an encyclopedia, a card catalog, or a printed map, they may look at you dumbfounded and say, “Bruh.” This is code for why you are using such an outdated and archaic method to find something.

To those of us who grew up and can remember when the internet wasn’t in our pocket or a voice command away, we know those items were how you found information. Now they are found in museums, antique stores, and possibly at the Grandparents’ house.

Obviously, having an online presence is a necessity. Your private school’s website and its social media accounts should constantly produce new enrollments and brand awareness opportunities. If you are a principal, headmaster, or over admissions in some way and you realize that your website or social media isn’t producing, then you should consider spending time make sure they maximize their purposes.

Let’s address your website as it is what you have the most control over. You will want visitors to navigate through your website on a particular path. Think of it as a good story, but one where they can jump in at almost any part and realize exactly what is going on.

Think about this, as you perform a search, you are taken to a page that should have the answer to your question. Chances are this isn’t going to be the front page of the website that you may have agonized over to make sure it was perfect. A prospective parent may come to a blog or a landing page. These need the same amount of attention as your front page, and they need to drive traffic to your appointment page or at least take them into the next step of their journey.

Before we go any further, let us address the website as a whole. Your website should be indicative of what your school looks and feels like. This means carrying the same school colors and feel throughout. If your school is very conservative, make sure the website conveys that. If your school is focused on technology, an edgier look may work. In other words, your school’s website is what prospective parents see first, and as we all know, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. 

If you have a good clean website design that conveys the same feel as your school, this will ensure that your users and prospective parents will spend time on your site, reading your content, and clicking on your call to action (CTA) buttons. If they have a good experience, they will be more likely to return. This will happen more often if they are finding the answers to questions. As a general rule, you always offer them a way to dig deeper through links to other content and CTA buttons. This will help them if they are trying to decide if they want to enroll their child or children.

If your private school's enrolment has been declining recently, it may be the best time to consider automating your marketing campaign. Around 50% of school leaders say that enrollment has been dwindling during the pandemic, adding that the phenomenon is observable in the pre-school level up to the secondary level. 

With a marketing automation tool, you can free yourself from attending to smaller tasks and focus on the part of your funnel that needs more of your attention.

Faced with this challenge, you need to boost your private school marketing campaign, and one of the ways to do it is to automate your processes. Salesforce reported that nearly 70% of marketing leaders depend on marketing automation, and 1 out of every 5 of them plan to use a new marketing automation platform soon. 

The academic arena in the 21st century is extremely competitive. The costs of running and maintaining a school have risen drastically, and each year, it’s becoming harder to convince parents that choosing a private over a public school is still a sound investment given its rising cost. That’s why schools need to have a solid marketing plan to combat the challenges that they currently face.

Private school marketing campaigns aim to entice prospective students to come to your school and enroll. It is important to have a consistent strategy in place to keep your school's academic identity meaningful to your demographic in the long term. 

Keeping up to date on the new school marketing strategies and applying them regularly is critical if you like the school to excel. Luckily, companies like Cube Creative exist to support you. Cube Creative will be a dependable collaborator for the school's digital marketing demands, thanks to its wide range of sophisticated services. 

This article examines three big challenges to keep your eye on when it comes to marketing the school and ensuring its long-term success and how your school can work around them. We will go into who your target demographics are, how you can successfully communicate to them, and how you can keep their commitment to your educational brand through a strong online presence and advertising strategy.