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Gmail started using a “promotions” tab in 2013 to help users sort important emails from promotional emails and social media emails. Since then, there has been a huge reduction in users' spam complaints and a lower read rate of commercial, promotional emails. This is due to many users ignoring the two tabs and staying in their inbox.

The way Gmail delivers to these tabs is constantly changing based on variable data, sender information, email content, and recipient engagement. Not all Gmail users pay attention to these special tabs, and some have disabled them altogether. Many users stay in the primary inbox tab, but many users still check the promotions tab for important emails.

Marketing automation refers to the use of software to automate marketing actions. Marketing teams use such technology to automate repetitive tasks, such as social media ads and emails. Automation of marketing tasks allows marketers to streamline the overall process of marketing. 

Marketing automation gives many benefits, including:

  • Fast accomplishment of time-consuming tasks
  • Generation of more and better-qualified leads
  • Multichannel view of prospect behavior
  • Alignment of sales and marketing objectives
  • Increased lead conversion and ROI

Are you struggling to increase enrolment in your private school? Many schools face this challenge, and it is not only about their enrolment. They face difficulties in their marketing efforts, too. 

In today’s highly competitive environment between brands and companies, that common ‘lowest offer bait may not be enough to convince people to buy your products or services. Market places are now dominated by content creation that aids businesses to gain traffics for their websites. Therefore, growing a business in a content-dominated space without content marketing is like writing without a pen—you’re merely exerting efforts but achieve no result. Digital problems require digital solutions and one way of solving online marketing problems is by moving closer to what people really need, like what search engine marketing strategy does.

This article is a comprehensive guide about search engine marketing and how it works.